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    I'm not sure if the lying is intentional or if he just truly sees himself as a victim after the fact. We're seeing an increased "spaz factor" here lately. He's hyper and mouthy and highly sensitized. Yesterday husband and manster spent the day together as daycare doesn't start till next week and school ended last Friday. I came home to a highly agitated and anxious husband and a wild and emotional manster who was crying that husband was mean to him. husband's side of the story was that manster was "a jerk" all day. Lying, mouthing off, disrespecting, etc. Manster cried that I "always take his side" and that his life was horrible because of husband and because no one ever believed in him or took his side. I KNOW how manster gets and I have no doubt he was a major PIA. What a difficult spot. I can't allow him to manipulate me but he was trying hard. on the other hand I wasn't there so it was slippery slope I traveled in handling things. I told manster that obviously husband felt he was being mean and that perhaps he didn't mean it but that perhaps he could look at what happened and let's talk about it.

    I don't think husband truly gets that manster is AS. Having said that, we can't allow that to prevent us from addressing behaviors though we have to try to stay sensitive and not add fuel to the fire of his emotionally fragile responses. I'm also seeing some increased tics; the eye tic is showing a facial component now and heck, might as well have another neuro compoment to the mix. They all go together right? ADHD, AS, Anxiety and Tourette's Syndrome. Ugh.

    We are going to the regular doctor tomorrow to discuss his weight and general check up. This guy doesn't get the difficult child stuff at all which is why we see a psychiatrist. We also see an allergist weekly for shots. We moms sure spend a lot of time in waiting rooms don't we.

    Guess that's it for now. I needed a place to vent this morning.
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    Sorry to hear that you have been having to go through this....

    I often find myself wondering the same thing about my difficult child. Are they lying--or do they really interpret the world this way? Do they truly believe that everyone is out to get them?

    And if so, how do you correct that? If the parents are the "bad guys"--what can one do?

    Hope today is a better day!