Seeing progress, was a very good day!


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Well today my 3 year old said and did new things! It's kinda sad in a way because I'm sure the school was helping him even though they didn't give it enough time to even tell if it was too early for him or not. Now I am starting to wonder....because today he was so cute. We were up in his room with his little brother. Jack loves it when I bring his brother to his room and I gotta say so does the little one. Anyways Jack was putting his little Shrek guy in his bed and saying "Time for bed Shrek" and "Nite Nite Shrek." Then he turned off the light and closed his door and as he went out he said "Good night, I love you Shrek." Lol, it was so cute, just like what I do when I put him to bed. Then later on, I was laying on his pillows on the floor while they were playing, and he said "Nite Nite Mommy." "I read you a story." He then sang the Wheels on the Bus song to me (we have a book of that song and I sing that to him alot before he goes to bed.) It was so sweet. He even patted his brother on the back and said "You ok Evan?" when his little brother started coughing. He's really been playing so much with his little brother. He plays peek a boo with him and loves to sit beside him and play. I used to really worry that he didnt seem to have much interest but ever since the little one has been more mobile with crawling and pulling himself up, Jack has really been paying ALOT of attention to him. Although now I have to watch him every minute because he wants to wrestle with him. He just wants Evan to be able to do all that stuff right now but he is only 10 mos. Anyways it's just days like these that make me so happy. Hopefully I will keep seeing more and more progress like this.