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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Jan 21, 2012.

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    It's been a week and a half since we started weaning difficult child off of the Zoloft and I am seeing improvement. We had a few issues yesterday that in the last few months would have resulted in major meltdowns, but they sort of just...fizzled out. Today he and easy child were having a problem, so I separated them and made easy child sit on his bed because he used language towards his brother that was not acceptable. About 15 minutes later difficult child came to me to say that easy child was asking to talk to me. As I was going up to easy child's room difficult child said to me, "Umm...Mom? I need to say I'm sorry to easy child. I started it because I lost my temper with him." Who IS this kid? I told him to let me speak to easy child first and then I would let him into easy child's room so that he could talk to him, and that I thought that it was very mature of him to admit that the argument was started by him over something that easy child did that was an accident. I was really proud of him and I wanted to make sure that he knew it.
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    That is so interesting. and pretty consistent with what many of us have experienced. Q has had lots of those "almost" moments that just dont go anywhere then he calms... I had just said that it had been that way for quite a while till a blow up last night, but it seemed a real scare he got then it came out all on me....

    today back to that more ... yeah he gets upset and definately not like a typical kid but still for HIM, it is far less explosive.

    This has been since the prozac was stopped.
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    WOW is al I can say!!
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    Good for you Bunny. We have had similar things with medications. Once off, the REAL kid comes back. Glad you are getting to see that.