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    I am new here trying to figure out a lot of things. The only firm diagnosis we have after 9 days in UNC Chapel Hill is Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) and there is no BiPolar and no Depression showing on the MMPI-A. I believe we are pushing towards the Anti-social, but where he is under 18 that can not be said and there still is a window.

    DBT-Therapy is being started, Family Counseling and there is a discussion on Residential Treatment. All of this is under court order and completion of all recomendation is mandatory to avoid spending more time in jail. He is charged with Assault. He beat his mother with a broom handle. There have been other explosive outbursts, but this was the first on towards a human being or family member. There have been incidents against the dog and many many objects over the past years.

    He has never ever accepted change or has been agreeable to change. Even as a toddler and young person taking short or long trips required a lot of patience and a lot of "not telling" him all the details because he would get upset, angry and oppositional.

    So I am looking for all feedback on Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED), ODD, Combative Disorders, DBT, and recomendations for Residential programs that are succesful and safe. I have heard TOOOO many horror stories.

    He is 16. He lives with his mother, 2 half sisters (since they were born, ages 13 and 10), 2 dogs and 2 cats. His step Dad has raised him ACTIVELY since age 6 months. His mom and step dad have been seperated for 7 years and maintain a good friendship. His Biological dad lives 1200 miles away with his wife and 2 half brothers (ages 13-Austistic and 10). His Biological father was abusive to mother and he was very opositional in character when in early 20's. Biological father was treated for PTSD after being asked to leave mother and son by the VA. He was abused as a child additionally.(Locked inside closet by parents when 3ish so that they could go out) He has not lived with son since age 3 months. Mother has physical custody with supervised visitations per the courts. Biological father and mother have been on speaking terms, with little hostility for over 10 years, Mother and step mother are friendly.

    He was diagnosed with an Intent Tremor at age 2 1/2. He also sufferes from Eosinothilic Gastritis and a Hiatal Hernia since last year. His Biological father is a Gulf War Vetran. His step father is a retired Marine.

    I will consider any and all thoughts, opinions and advice.

    With Faith,

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    What is your relationship to this teen? You mention a bio mother, stepfather, bio father and stepmother.

    Just a reminder that general advice about residential programs may be posted publicly, but specific names of programs must be provided to help4pl via our Private Message system.
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    I'd also like to know who you are relative to the teenager. And if his birthfather or birthmother have psychiatric issues in their family tree. They can be inherited even if somebody else raises them. A good stepfather is helpful to Mom, but he doesn't contribute to the child's genepool. New studies are coming out showoing that psychopathic behavior can be inherited. As a mom of four adopted kids, I can tell you that nature will often trump nurture.

    His diagnosis. are unusual and unclear and I'm wondering if he wasn't misdiagnosed. The MMPI (which I've taken three times) is open to interpretation. It's not like a blood test. Also, at age 16, I'd say many, if not most, difficult child's are dabbling or actively using drugs which makes things worse. Sometimes the parents don't even know this. Sometimes even professionals miss it (my daughter was an inpatient in a hospital and they never figured out she'd been using a lot of drugs).

    Whoever this child is, he does have psychopathic traits and in my opinion he's too old to do that much with unless he himself wants the help. First hand, I can tell you that sixteen year olds will not cooperate usually. It's always best to start when they first show symptoms, but that doesn't always do the trick, unfortunately. It's scary that he hurt a dog and now mom. Not good signs at all.

    I wouldn't allow him to live in the house. He sounds dangerous.

    Welcome to the board.
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    Hi. DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) is often used with borderline personality disorders. You could google it to get more infoIt is meant to help increase the ability to tolerate distress, learn new social skills, and respond more effectively to life situations.
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    hI! I'm kind o' skimming through - didn't your post mention that one of the 1/2 brothers was autistic? Have they tested for autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified, asperger's syndrome, etc?

    It's something to consider-when a diagnosis is missed, sometimes absolute frustration can fuel some really intense meltdowns.

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    Thank you for the reply. No they have not tested him for that, but we have been very forthcoming with the information. Also his Free t4 level is elevated. We go tuesday to have that checked. He is scheduled for more DBT on wed and tues this week.

    I was hoping for a lot more replies to my post and I truly appreciate yours. I will bring these thoughts to their attention on Wednesday once more.

    Thank you,
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    Hi, I am from NC and am aware of the testing that goes on at UNC Chapel Hill. You probably got some pretty good testing there. I can see where they got their diagnosis's from.

    You say all this is coming through on court order so I assume he is in under a PINS or CHINS? Or is this being done through Mental Health? I believe that will have some sort of difference in what treatment centers are available to you.

    The actual diagnosis dont really matter to me so much at this point. I figure like you do that you are heading for an Anti social PD diagnosis and I dont think that the 18th birthday makes so much of a difference. As if a PD knows one day from the

    If you can PM me if you are using mental health then I can use my contacts in mental health to find out what Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s are available for a teen that age with that diagnosis in your general area...dont forget to give me your county. I am involved in this area.