Seems that difficult child has a warrant out for his arrest!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by mstang67chic, May 24, 2010.

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    husband just called me. One of the local cops that he knows had called him to give him a heads up that difficult child has a warrant out on him. I called dispatch and sure enough, there is. Weird thing is, the warrant is for battery and difficult child SWEARS he hasn't been in a fight so I'm not sure what's going on.

    His court dealings earlier this year was for battery but he's already been sentenced and he's paid his fines. I don't THINK we missed a court date so maybe that's it....I hope.

    Anyhoo....difficult child is on his way home (supposedly) and I'm going to take him in to see what's going on with this.


    Go figure....I'm still stinky and dirty from planint flowers at the library this afternoon. Wonderful.
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  2. mstang67chic

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    The warrant was issued for violation of probation. Appears that idjit boy was discharged from a community service job for sleeping on the job. :slap: Also there was soething about not being qualified for more assignments or something along that line. Basically he hasn't performed his hours like he was ordered. And of course, I heard a completely different story as to why he wasn't working at the place he had arranged. He had been working at the Salvation Army for his comm. svc hours but said they let him go because of their budget. They didn't have money to pay their regular janitor so they had to let difficult child go too. I told him to go to the probation office to make other arrangments and he was going to do that "right away." Uh huh. Idjit boy.

    So...he sits in jail tonight and has court in the morning.
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    Nice...what do you expect will happen with court tomorrow? Another community service assignment, or actual jail time?
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    You know, sometimes I think it's better for some of our kids to just do jail time and get it over with instead of paying fines or doing community service since the chances of them completing either of those successfully are slim to none. Rob had both and it took years and years for him to pay his fines. I'm afraid to ask him if things are done for him because it might be one of those answers I don't want to hear.

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    As for his fines, when difficult child got his SSI check, that is the FIRST thing he spent money on. The community service hours however...well, those require effort and work and we all know how well THAT works out for a lot of our kids.
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    I dont think Cory ever got his community service done. I think they just swept that under the rug. They just seem real happy as long as he pays his money every month and sees his PO once a month. Or at least calls him. I think Sean is going to be family before too
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    Well....back from court. At least I am. difficult child is still at the jail and will be for the next 45 days. Which, if you check the calendar, puts his release date way past not only graduation but his graduation party.

    I'm more upset about graduation than I am the fact that he's in jail for the next month and a half. Heck...I could care less about the jail part of it. I'm looking into talking to the judge to see if he'd let difficult child go to graduation. This would be more for husband and I than it would difficult child. Of course....even if he allows it, there's no guarentee that difficult child would behave or cooperate so husband and I are discussing it.

    It's a good thing though that difficult child's SSI came through. Commissary money, phone account's all coming out of his checking account. I am NOT paying for that koi. And if he doesn't go to graduation, he's also going to reimburse me for the anouncements, tassle and name cards.
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    I would take the cost of a cleaning lady to much out his room if it is a pit out of his account also. I seem to remember some complaints about his room. If I am wrong, sorry.

    I am sorry you and husband will be robbed of the graduation you worked so HARD to help him achieve. in my opinion you worked harder than HE did.

    Gentle hugs.

  9. DammitJanet

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    this isnt his graduation it is yours. s him.
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    Oh wow. OK, now I see what I missed.

    I swear...
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    Have the party anyway - for you!