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    Yup. It is school fundraiser time again.

    Some years I refuse to buy. If it is one of those brochures of junk I do not buy. I do buy the wrapping paper as it is nice good quality and the company is nice to work with.

    I have a total weakness for cookie dough.

    thank you has not wanted to talk to anyone until tonight. The forms are due tomorrow.

    I listened to what HE planned to say and then helped him write out a more effective request. He was so cute when he realized that asking "How many do you want to buy?" instead of "do you want to buy some?" left a LOT more room for yes!

    He then called my inlaws. Who are out of town. But not out of the country. Then he called my sister in law to get their cell phone number. ROFL, but he did get her to buy a box! He doesn't want to call his cousin though.

    He was just so cute!! He wanted to sell 20 to get pizza and a limo ride, but decided it was more work than he wanted to do. So he is up to 9 boxes.

    This is actually Otis Spunkmeyer and is not the tubs. It is pre-formed cookies - I LOVE these. One summer I worked in the deli of a gas station/convenience store. We got a certain amount of food allowance and they made a GREAT snack, LOL!

    Anyway, he just looked so cute when he was on the phone. He even just now got my stepMIL to buy 2 boxes!! Now he is working on Jess to buy a second box.

    He is just 3 short of getting the first prize. He will get a participation prize.
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    After his phone calls he is 3 short of the first "official" prize level. I think 15 is WAY too high for elementary kids, esp when the items are $15 each.

    He is such a good sport about it. Just said "maybe next year. I did better than I did last year on the fundraiser and boy scout popcorn combined."

    So instead of having him ask grandma to buy more I told him we would find something equal to the prizes and buy it for him. Shouldn't cost more than $10.

    He does get a participation prize (had to sell TWO items to get that, GRRRR. Some of our kids don't have food on the weekend, how do they expect them to sell $30 worth of cookie dough?) and a magic worm for selling 8.

    I love to run fundraisers. I know I know, it alone qualifies me for crazy. But I usually find prizes that I fund out of the proceeds and take the extra 10% that they charge you to provide prizes. I also have gotten much better sales.

    Maybe next year I will be able to do that. I hope.
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    Sounds like thank you did a great job! Now you have me craving cookies!!
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    If you weren't so far away, and I saw this yesterday I would have bought some cookie dough!
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    Anything sugar free? :tongue:
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    Well Done! He should be proud of how many he got!

    Our fund raisers came home today and you're not going to believe how this one "worked out" (NOT!) for us.

    The guy was at difficult child 1's school this morning and explained the whole thing (in the behavioral schools that he was in in the past they didn't do fundraising). He was ABSOLUTELY SURE that he could win the top seller award.

    "We're only working with 3 schools on your entire Island, so your not going to have 100 schools selling the same thing!"



    All 3 came home with the identical offer.

    Only me.