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    September is here and here I still sit in Colorado... I don't really know how to feel about it.
    To started school at her day's on August 4th? Ish? It was nice and depressing at the same time not having to pay for her school
    Clothes and the million things that come with starting school.
    She is doing very well when she has visited almost like a completely different kid and so loving.

    We hit a small windfall and paid off some things almost two months ago but now are in the same spot again.

    I have been pushing the soap business and started making scent softener crystals which really made the laundry business take off. Most of the time I have to find events to sell at. This weekend I will be selling at the flea market as I did last week. It's better when I find free venues. I met someone at the first event I attended but did not know she was a kindred soul. She entered my raffle promoting soap and she is in the same position with her husband as I was in February and she makes jewelry. So today when she was picking up the stuff she won we talked and I have her the benefit of my advice such as it is as I have been there done that.

    Anyway I am trying to get her to come with me on Sunday to split a booth, this will make the price of admission 12.50 instead of 25.00 and makes it so much easier to make my money back. At 5.00 a gallon, 2.00 a scent crystal and 1.00 for a trial bottle I have to sell a lot of soap to get my pennies in. I try to sell out of the house and even offer to deliver on post. It doesn't get me very far. There is a hair dresser also who is selling my products in her salon it's not much but it's something and that's great.

    My boyo misses his sister and I can't say I blame him. I miss her too, she was a big help when she was here even in the bad times and there is a "full basket" feeling to knowing and hearing the soft breaths of you all of your children sleeping under the same roof. I'm missing it and resenting hubs, not that he wanted her gone but with all his bullcrap, manic, spiraling up and down I want her to be safe and stable and right now that isn't here I judge me even if no one else does. I want hubs gone or more
    Accurately I want to leave but I'd have to give up everything for that to happen. Like a roof, a car, clothes my kids clothes. I have a place to stay in Oklahoma but no way to get there

    We have repeatedly been told 30 days till we would be out of here. But that has come and gone. Now we are wondering if they are going to keep him because of this Syria thing. Since they have been kicking people out left and right for 3 years for little to no reason they have a real shortage of man power. And I don't mean to be offensive but there is no such thing as "just air strikes" we will be boots on ground very soon if this happens, despite the wishes of the American people or the soldiers who have been fighting and dying for ten years in a thankless war that means nothing and accomplished nothing. Sorry but this soldier is very sad and down right now.

    If they keep him and he some how deploys I will be moving to Ok with the kids and setting up house and business. I can not see myself waiting here in Colorado by myself.

    Anyway I needed to share.
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    (((Hugs))) Hope you sell a lot this weekend.
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    Lots going on for you.............I hope it all goes exactly the way you want it to............thinking of you and sending you hugs........