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    I am having some of the blues lately, not really depressed, but a little down. Mostly it is this migraine diary because it is no fun to realize how many days a month I have them. This is one thing I ran across when looking for something funny to help cheer me up. I think you will enjoy it and the memories it brings back.

    #5 reminds me of Wiz when about 1-2 yo. We had a favorite diner and they always brought him some toast right after we came in because they knew he liked to have it as he waited for his food. One day he decided for some unknown reason to rub his toast on his head. Butter side down, of course. He LOVED it, and it became in inside joke - Margarine Mousse, lol. He would look so impish an gleeful as he did it, esp with Gma there. It drove her nuts that I would not insist he stop it and that I ket giving him toast with butter. Part of his enjoyment was clearly Gma's consternation, but even she could not resist that grin, lol!

    #10 is hilarious. I used to nap with Wiz when eh was a toddler because he got up very early and I was worn out by nap time. One day I didn't hear him get up. He decided to make a 'treat' for me and make Jiffy corn muffins. He was 2. I caught him after he had poured the mix. Onto the carpet ( he wanted to watch Barney while he did it, of course). He forgot the bowl. He was carrying the carton of eggs in. It was full of cracked eggs because he dropped it. I was thankful that he hadn't pulled the gallon of milk out of the fridge yet, lol. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard not to laugh hysterically, but I didn't ant him to do it again!

    #18. SuperTyler. thank you invented an alter ego (not really an imaginary friend, but more a mix of imaginary friend and alter ego) when he was about 18 mos. SuperTyler stuck around for years. One Christmas 3yo thank you kept husband's brother in law and nephew entertained for an hour wtih ST's exploits. ST can fly around all the planets. brother in law asked what ST did when he had to go potty? His elephant stretched to a bathroom on the nearest planet, of course. It isn't like ST could stop in the middle of saving the universe to go potty, is it? the idea of stretching that big a distance? LOL!

    #22 is PURE Jess. That girl drew on everything, even paper sometimes. She usually was trying to make you pretty if she drew on you. I was never able to draw enough boundaries to keep her from coloring on something else. I admitted defeat on the issue when she was 4 and colored our cat's white belly green with a magic marker. How she got him to allow it? Who knows. it was NOT a few lines. His entire belly was solid green, not one of his white hairs showing. She thought he needed 'brightening up" because that was the only white area and white is boring. Don't the ads all talk about brighter whites?

    What happy/funny memories do these bring up for you?
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    #1 reminds me of my grandfather who falls asleep anywhere.
    #2 reminds me of Buster. He has an impish grin that is so hard to resist smiling back.
    #3 is difficult child 2 because he has done that in a restaurant.
    #5 is Buster, again, because he is a very messy eater.
    #7 reminds me of my brother who got himself stuck in a chair at church and had to be taken from the mtg (chair and all) screaming. He popped out unhurt right after he didn't have an audience.
    #10 I'm still living through with Buster, difficult child 2, difficult child 3, and difficult child 1. Just a few weeks ago difficult child 1 thought it would be funny to throw tomatoes into the ceiling fan. I'm still finding peices of it.
    #21 All the difficult children do that.
    #22 Someone emblished Cherub. Not that bad, but it did take awhile to get off.
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    Susie, I'm sorry you are feeling down. I get that way sometimes (mood disorder). Even the medications can't always prevent it.

    I am GLAD you found something to make you laugh :)
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    Thanks! This was great.

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    Oh goodness! What a scream.