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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Oct 17, 2010.

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    so i have a quick seroquel question. i raised difficult child up to 50mg tonight, i know very low dose. she was on 25mg in hospital and the other 5 medications they threw in her unbeknownst to me. Yet i've slowly raised it the past few days. went from 40mg last night (did that for 3 days) to 50 mg. tonight and two hours later shes' still awake??

    soo odd. any thoughts?
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    My 10-year-old (62lbs) is taking Seroquel XR too and it doesn't make him that sleepy when he takes it either. He is now up to 300mg at night. But, he is very groggy in the morning from it. I kept thinking he should get sleepy after he took it too but it doesn't have that effect with him. He actually seems kind of revved up at bedtime. I can't tell if there is a Seroquel connection with that.
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    I had to take the trazadone seroquel combo in order to sleep. It let me keep both of them at low doses and it still worked that way. Man have I been missing it lately!! Tempted to go back to psychiatrist and tell him if I'm expected to deal with continuous family crisis' then could he script them to me so I could at least sleep decent. lol
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    It usually takes at least an hour to 90 minutes before I notice any effect with the evening dose of Seroquel XR for my difficult child 2. On the other hand, if he takes the short acting Seroquel, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour for it to kick in.
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    The sleep dose for regular Seroquel (NOT XR) is anywhere from 25 mg to 200 mg. Anyone can become immune to it fairly quickly. My own daughter took 50 mg for sleep for a while and then began to have trouble. We increased it to 62.5 mg and she began to sleep well again. It may just take a slight increase to get your daughter sleeping again.
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    I agree with SW. I started out at 12.5 mgs of Seroquel for sleep because I was very (whats the word?) to it. A few months later I had to raise it to 25 mgs. Then when I was in the hospital with the meningitis they raised it to 50 mgs. After I got out of there we raised it to 100 mgs because I had some delusional issues we wanted to hit along with the sleep issues.
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    i'm up to 50mg now and shes still awake. i gotta get a pyschdoc on board before i go any higher. just her peds who knows zero about these medications is overseeing me. i'm working on finding one yet haven't had luck yet.
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    Do you have her lay down and try to go to bed after you give it to her?

    My daughter has taken Remeron, Trazodone, Doxepin, and Elavil for sleep. I was told that she needed to be going to bed after she took it. There is a window of opportunity and if she was too active, she might miss it. I'm not sure if that is true for Seroquel, too, but it might be worth a try, if you haven't already.

    Before her psychiatrist told me that, I gave it to her and thought she would be tired later when it was time for bed. It didn't happen that way.
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    Hope brings up a very good point. There is a "window of opportunity" with sleep medications. Seroquel has one...........if I didn't go right to bed within like 30 mins of taking even the trazadone/seroquel didn't work as well or not at all.

    Try having her go to bed and lie quietly after taking the medication to give it a chance to let it work.

    I remember once when I was taking it........I'd taken them earlier than normal because it was thanksgiving and Nichole and boyfriend wanted me to get up early and take them out for black friday. Well easy child pops up with a sewing emergency for a project (gift) for a boss of hers..........and well let's just say trying to figure out a new sewing machine under the influence was But I didn't go to sleep. By the time we finished her project I had like an hour until it was time to go with the kids for black friday........I was only like 4 hrs into both medications when I drove to cincy. Sounds scary......but I was relaxed but wide awake. I had missed the window.