Seven signs of Sociopaths from "The Sociopath Next Door"

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    Here they are. When I first read them I thought, "Lots of people are like that." Then I thought again and thought, "Well, most have remorse if they do something wrong and most are pretty much on their own by age 25." The more I thought about it, the more I agree. I have known people who have been Narcicists, who are close to sociopaths. So is borderline.

    4% of the population is sociopathy. Some of our adult kids are difficult and not adulted because they are drug addicts, which I think is different. But if they quit and are still having these traits or have these traits and don't use, it is probably best to be very leery of them, although they are your beloved children. jThey could harm you on many levels...psychologically, physically, financially.....and not feel a pang of guilt.

    Here they are:

    1. not conforming to social norms, community rules, etc.

    2. being deceitful, manipulative

    3. being impulsive and unable to plan ahead

    4. being irritable and easiy angered or aggressive

    5. reckless...cares not about the safety of self or others.

    6. Irresponsible most or all of the tjime.

    7. no remorse after hurting someone, stealing, mistreating others.

    Sadly, there is no known cure or treatment for Narcissism, antisocial personality disorder or psychopathy and the best advice I read was "RUN!" We don't want to run from our kids, jit's so hard. Some can be a threat to us though. Borderlines, untreated, are not much better. These are all Cluster B Personality Disorders.

    I hope none of you see anyone you love in this, but think it is important for all of us to be aware that some peopjle ARE dangerous, even those we love and pine for, and that those who are part of Cluster B are people we desperately need to protect ourselves from....and our other loved ones too.

    Have a great holiday!!!
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    I see a lot of my son in these signs, and I do believe it is the drugging that is the culprit. I do so hope that he normalizes when he is off the drugs.
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    This was what terrified me the most, the fear that my son would get clean and sober and still exhibit sociopathic traits.

    It's mind-boggling and soul-destroying to watch what drugs can do to a personality.
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