Several pieces of good news - very welcome!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, May 26, 2010.

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    First piece of good news: I was able to be appointed my Mom's representative with SSA (Yeah!) and that will go into effect after June's direct deposit in her account in PA. My sister M (the gambling alcoholic) is supposed to give my sister T (the one taking Mom in as of this weekend) a check for the total amount (double yeah!). After that, all monies will be sent to me to deposit and pay the day care provider (yeah again!). I CANNOT believe how accommodating the SSA officer was and how swiftly she moved to make this happen, along with the help of Mom's DR. Wow - I am still amazed how easy it was and wish I had done it sooner.

    All I have to do now is contact the pension/annuity folks and get that squared away. I am opening Mom's new bank account up here in CT today.

    I had my stress test this morning and the Dr said I was A-OK - (massive yeahs!). He said the pain I experienced a couple of weeks ago was likely arthritis OR indigestion, but is definitely not related to my heart. I am relieved.

    And, I lost 5 lbs! Been cutting most carbs and all white foods from my diet for the past week, drinking lots of water and walking with H around out block twice a day. I feel good. If the sticky heat would end, I may be able to sleep a full night.
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    Wahoo!!! Good news, Jo!!
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    Glad things have turned around so quickly!
  4. Shari

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    So you glad you addressed this and it wasn't a nightmare.

    How did gambling sister take it?
  5. hearts and roses

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    Shari, I hadn't told my sister M anything because I was just so peeved (never ever that bad in my LIFE). And I've had a few days to calm down (to the point I no longer want to maim her!) and thought maybe I should at least give her a head's up. So I sent her an email this afternoon explaining every action I've taken and that it was under the direction of our attorney. If she calls me, my goal is to reiterate to her that this was what she wanted : to have mom taken off her hands because she never had the time to get the paperwork together, etc : and I'm just going to try to stick to that train of thought.

    However, if she becomes beliigerant, I can't promise that I will remain as calm as I sound now. I think that there is a button she may push and I then the fur will fly. But I am hoping that she just keeps her yap shut and doesn't question me. My other sister T doesn't think M will confront any of us, though M is still spouting off about how she's been caring for mom for these past few years and feels that we're all against her now (she would be correct in that regard - lol).

    I think the thing M will be most angry about is that I've cancelled the debit card. If she really wanted to, she could just go order another for that account, but it's a moot point as that account will be closed shortly after she receives the new card, Know what I mean??
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    Glad for all of your good news!:)
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    H&R, so glad to hear that you were able to resolve everything with regard to your mother's care, AND that your health scares turned out to be just that, scares. Whew!