Severe allergic reaction

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  1. Malika

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    Over the weekend my son broke out in raised red spots all over his stomach, back, neck and wrists that caused him to itch a lot... looks like some kind of allergic reaction (which he has never had before). The only thing out of the ordinary that he had eaten was strawberries, and quite a lot of them...
    I have never heard of a strawberry allergy. Is it possible? Anyone here had any experience of it?
  2. tiredmommy

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    My daughter isn't allergic to strawberries but they can cause hives in those that are allergic. I'd get your son allergy tested to be sure it was the strawberries, it could be an airborne pollen since they are so prevalent in spring.
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    It could have been strawberries...

    My easy child's derma told me that most often you will never actually isolate what caused an allergic reaction!

    I think hives are more of a "contact" reaction rather than airborne - I'm no expert though (hives versus rash - I get a type of mild rash when the airborne tree pollen is really bad here in the south). Any new clothes worn without being washed? Any external stresses? Hives can also be a stress reaction.

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    My daughter showed up as being allergic to strawberries and shrimp, she doesn't eat them much though I've never seen a reaction when she did. I know that we were advised (years before the allergy tests) to not give kids strawberries, shrimp, or peanuts before the age of 5 in case they were allergic to those because those are some of the deadliest food allergies and before 5 they might not live long enough to get medical help for severe reaction. She'd had shrimp many times before the test, too, and she never reacted to it, either. Go figure.
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    Thanks for those thoughts. Talking to a friend about it today, she suggested it might be the chemical products they put on fruit to grow them, especially Spanish ones, apparently... this would make sense as I'm sure J ate strawberries in Morocco, to no ill effect. But then, as has been pointed out, one doesn't know the allergen for sure. I will have to get him tested.
    The benefits of communication... I didn't mention anything to the school as this morning the spots were much paler and seemed to be disappearing - they called in a nurse who lives in the village who said in her opinion he has measles :) (which he has been vaccinated for).
  6. GoingNorth

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    Strawberries are the number one fruit to be allergic to and hives the number one type of reaction. More severe reactions can range from wheezing all the way up to actual anaphylaxis.