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    Our Aussie weekend newspapers have some regular writers who come up with some thought-proking gems.

    Yesterday husband drew my attention to this article and said, "I'm sure our CD friends would be interested in this."

    The author is Mia Freedman, an Aussie journalist, mother and social commentator who writes on parenting issues primarily. Much of the time her contributions are fairly light. This one is much more serious. When she mentions "Commonwealth law" she means Australian national law. Victoria is the state in the south east corner of Australian mainland, it's capital is Melbourne. But their laws will be sufficiently similar to all our country, and (no offence intended) if stupid stuff happens here in our legal system, you can bet there is even more scope for similar or worse stupidities in the US.

    If you have trouble reading it, let me know.

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    We had a ridiculous case recently where a student received such a picture and reported it. THAT student got in trouble. THAT student did not even know who sent it or who the picture was of, but the student trying to do the responsible thing got in trouble. I was thinking that someone should send dirty pics to that school administrator and ask for his head on a platter for possessing such pics on his phone.

    But yes, I am already educating my kids of how the smallest little thing could affect them for the rest of their lives, especially in the digital age.
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    And in Canada and Britain... and any other "Commonwealth" country...

    I haven't seen this case come up HERE yet, but that doesn't mean it hasn't or that it won't.
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    I think this is one reason I cling to some of my Luddite tendencies. There is so much available online and while some of it is great stuff? An equal amount is not great and even dangerous.

    So far my kids believe that they won't have "junk" if I catch them posting pics of it anywhere, in any way - film, digital, online, in a magazine, with a friend, whatever. I am not even sure where or how they got the impression that they wouldn't have those bits if I caught them, because I have NEVER told them this. I have told them that until they are legally able to support themselves they will NOT post pics of themselves anywhere with-o my permission. Not their dad's, because he would live most aspects of his life online if he could. MY permission - husband simply does not have a real clue about long term consequences of posting online. In many things even husband comes to ask me before he posts - and I am often appalled at what he would put on fb or a blog, even though it is not sexual. Just too much information, and over sharing or not being respectful of other's privacy. I actually have told my kids that until they legally and financially can support themselves, tehy do not own the rights to their images. I know, I know, legally it isn't true. Don't care. Not one teeny bit. The kids I have will NOT challenge me because I am their mom, I am not doing this to hurt or abuse them, but to give them some ability to tell friends, etc... that they can't because Mom would kill them. It also gives them that needed few moments to think before they send - okay, am I going to be in trouble for this? how much? Is it worth it to do this?

    Thankfully even difficult child didn't have a problem with this rule. Being that he hates to have his picture taken, it wasn't a problem. But Jess and thank you know I will unplug them from this electronic age if I catch them sexting or posting ANY picture that I find offensive or that shows them doing something they shouldn't.

    We also talk often about how STUPID it is to post pictures of yourself with alcohol or drugs or doing illegal things. Wiz has helped. He knew someone who tried to keep a boyfriend by pretending to be pregnant. The girl has a pregnant friend do a preg test and then gave it to the boy. But the two girls were stupid enough to post a picture of the one preg girl actually doing the home preg test and included all about why the girl was doing it on her facebook - she also tweeted about it.

    The boy was someone Wiz knows, and he helped the boy state a VERY public breakup, complete with song about how utterly stupid it was to post the picture/caption and to tweet about it. Our tech school buzzed about that for months, lol.

    I don't understand the compulsion to post every thought and/or action online, esp the ones that are sure to get you into trouble. I am sure it is one of the quirks that comes with not understanding much of the social stuff that happens in the world, and I am just thankful that my children so far are more afraid of what will happen when they get caught (love that WHEN - it is a when in their minds and not an if, lol!) than they are enamored of sharing there every brain fart with the online world. I am quite sure that the day I had them google their uncle and his very bizarre craigslist and other places postings came up helped contribute to this, nothing like a real life example of how your stupidity can follow you to drive the lesson home.

    I hope that soon the laws can change the way teen sexting is handled, because it truly is crazy. We also have to figure out a way to help teens understand the problems that will come from some of their choices esp the online choices to share parties, etc.... I do know that several people have gotten into trouble for underage drinking and for drug use after posting pics online, at least locally they have. Our police say they don't have time to monitor facebook, etc... but f someone is already n trouble the probation officers do check fb and if parents or teachers bring online postings of pics of kids using drugs/alcohol, it is considered proof at least in our town and the police can act on those pics.
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    Great article and think-piece, Marg and Marg's Man. Thank you!
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    I was discussing this with a friend and she reminded me of a recent quote by Stephen Fry. "It's not called 'sharing intellectual deep thoughts with the cosmos', it's called 'TWITTER'! And there are good reasons for this."

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    You know, Disney PREDICTED sexting! The girls and I recently watched my VERY old VHS tape of BAMBI. DD2's favorite scene was in the Spring when all the animals got "TWITTERpated"