Shake and Bake MEth Labs - Danger to EVERYONE

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    There is a new way to make meth that involves using a 1 or 2 liter bottle to mix everything together. People are making this in their cars or homes or even INSIDE WALMARTS!!! Here is a link to an arrest of a woman in Tulsa who was doing that - IN the store! In another state a custodian found a bottle of what is leftover after the meth is made in the women's restroom. So it isn't just Oklahoma having this problem.

    After seeing this I looked up the new 'shake and bake meth lab' method and found that it is incredibly dangerous. For years I have at times been on crews that cleaned up stretches of roads - as far back as college. Now? I will be very reluctant to do this and I sure won't let my kids do this. Why? The meth makers who succeed with this method are tossing the bottles of leftover chemicals and residue out of car windows or just wherever they happen to be. So the chances of coming upon a bottle of this and getting contaminated by the bottle when you pick it up are not small.

    Let your family know about this and warn them because this is something that is happening n communities all over the country now.

    Bottles with residue will look like they have brown or muddy looking contents, according to what I could find.
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    Okay here's what I don't get - If the stuff burns thought a leather glove HOW is it that it burns though leather? WOW!!!!!!!! We've had to call the sheriffs department out already to pick up soda bottles with crystalized junk in the bottom of two litre bottles in our woods and along side the dirt road. It would have been easy to pick them up - but the junk that was in them was too weird to put in a bag and in our car. OUR luck? We would have had a flat on the way to the dump station and gotten searched - SO we called the sheriff. They called someone to come and get the stuff - not sure what it was themselves but did feel it was someone trying to mix their own brand of drugs.

    The other big thing we stopped by being alert on our wooded property - (which is a cross roads to several towns) The drug dealers put a heavy duty waxed box in a heavy duty construction bag on our property about 100 yards into the woods. They leave the box there covered, and when they have a drop? They put the drugs in the box and leave it covered. Then when someone wants the drugs? They drive up, someone was pretending like they had car trouble or needed to use the cell phone and the other one would run in the woods and put the money in the box, take the drugs, and later someone would run back by and run in the woods and get the money. We discovered this and took the box. (Sadly no money) and called the police again. Then made it KNOWN that the trail was found. - Cut branches - cleared the path. The police said once their little hidey hole is found they usually move on. They did. We live by live an let live but I'm not having drug dealers SUE me for tripping over a log and busting out his meth teeth. NOW I see that on the construction sites just past our home it is posted that if you trespass it is a FELONY. SO I want some of THOSE signs - lol. YES - come here - walk in my woods - and be a felon (honestly what a joke) Just come and ask -sign a waiver -lol. ugh.
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    Police found a meth lab in a local nursing home when the room exploded where an elderly woman lived. There have been several in our area recently.

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    Good information to have. Susie.

    Star, I wonder what kept the addicts from just stealing from the wax box once they knew of it's location? I mean, why pay when you can grab it and run?

    Nancy, omg.......a nursing home?? No one reported it. (I mean granted some probably had no clue what it was, but still)
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    I'm still confused how the bottle doesn't melt. This is crazy scientist stuff!!
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    Was Granny cooking up meth to supplement her social security check? LOL
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    The elderly woman had no idea it was going on. It was her family visitors that were doing it and hiding it there. I'm sure their frequent visits were not to see granny.

  8. DDD

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    Common where we live. Legal penalties are super stiff......especially if within x yards of a school or church. Four years ago the son of a popular elected official was arrested for a meth lab in a residence (gift from parent). Homes are taken over by the State in these cases.

    What happened? Within ten hours the deed to the home was transferred to someone else. An uninvolved girl who was sleeping on the sofa was arrested on felony charges as well as "the son". Guaranteed prison time? Hmmm. Not in this case. The son (handsome nice kid with whom we have shared many hours, by the way) was sent to a private top end rehab program about five hours away. The girls charges were reduced to a misdemeanor. The son will have no record when he is released from private rehab. Yeah, that's equal justice for all. Sigh. DDD
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    It's a HUGE problem around here. As you drove in to the little town closest to where I used to work, the first thing you would see is a house that sat down in a low spot near the road. The whole middle third of the roof was just a gaping hole where the meth lab inside had exploded. They say that almost all the patients in the burn unit at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville are people who were burned in meth lab explosions. And the foster care system is now flooded with children who have been taken away from parents who were making meth in the homes where their children lived! There have been so many that they had to set up a special unit to decontaminate these children before they can go in to foster care. They've even found meth labs set up in motel rooms. One lowlife guy we unfortunately know, a former co-worker of my son, was arrested for manufacturing meth. He was sentenced to house arrest, but they let him live in the home of his elderly invalid grandmother! It wasn't too long before he was arrested again ... for making meth in the backyard shed at his granny's house - while on house arrest ... ONE BLOCK FROM MY HOUSE!

    And now they can be making meth in the trunk of a car as they're driving down the road! You never know if that car in front of you at the red light just might blow up in your face! Extremely scary!
  10. Nancy

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    Yikes never thought about the trunk of the car thing, but you're right.

  11. susiestar

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    Some chemicals burn through flesh, like leather, but not through glass or not through plastic. This is why it burned through the leather but not plastic bottles. Or else the leather gloves let the chemicals pass through - leather IS porous.

    The trunk of the car is a favorite place because the movement helps mix the chemicals and makes the process work faster. Plus the driver won't smell like it nearly as much.

    This is going to sound cruel/mean and I really don't care. in my opinion if you are making meth or other illegal drugs and your place blows up or you get burned/scarred, I don't think you deserve all the expensive specialized care. You did it to yourself, you will NEVER be able to pay that hospital bill, and you should only get whatever care you can pay for up front. Cookers and dealers make HUGE amounts of money from this and they NEVER pay their own bills for the hazmat teams to clean up their mess, for the people around them who are harmed permanently from the chemicals, and they don't pay for the police who have to deal with them. in my opinion they should be charged for these things and if they cannot pay them up front? Well toher than maybe very basic medical care - what a homeless person could get - they should have to pay before they get treated. I am SICK and TIRED of paying for their care with our tax dollars and charitable donations. Those should go to the victims - kids, people living near them or delivering something who get sick from the exposure, etc.... They CHOSE to make this and they should have to CHOOSE to pay for whatever medical care they get - no bankruptcy to clear it away.
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    You know, meth has been around the Pacific NW for decades. It's a blight that you can't even imagine when you have had an entire generation grow up with this in their families, neighborhoods, and schools. The problem being that the Federal government didn't have money set aside for meth because they didn't know about meth. They were still fighting the war on cocaine. NO ONE was taking cocaine in the west, and why would they? Meth is cocaine on mega-steroids and costs about 2% of what coke costs. Plus, it's super easy to make.

    Now, meth has made it to the East coast and in ten years they'll have the same unbelievable problems we were having in the west. I don't know what the answer is, but jeez our government is so far behind the times in fight the drug war, it's obscene.
  13. donna723

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    We actually had a car explode from meth in the parking lot of a large hospital complex about 50 miles from here! This is the hospital where my daughter went to nursing school. I don't think he had any particular reason to pull off in to the hospital parking lot other than that it was at night and maybe the hospital lot was an out-of-the way place for him to nap while the meth was cooking in his trunk. It was all caught on the hospitals security cameras and he never got out of the car. The car exploded and burst in to flames. The man, of course, was severely burned and even though he was taken directly in to the ER, he died shortly after. What if he had been parked closer to the building or what if there had been other people around? He could have taken a lot of people with him!

    Susie, I agree, it's hard to work up much sympathy for these people. The ones I feel sorry for are the innocent victims. They've raided homes where meth was being made, so much that fumes were visible in the air, and their small children were walking around the house breathing it all in!
  14. Tiapet

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    Like Donna, this part of the state has the same really bad problem as well. A small travel trailer just park on a side street was a lab. They are all over the place. It's already here on the east coast Witz. In PA there is a very BIG problem with it as well and has been for about 20 years and growing even bigger (second only to heroine).
  15. Star*

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    Witz our govt. ostriches a LOT of things. I think it's their way of decreasing the surplus population.
  16. donna723

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    Another popular place for them to make it around here is in motel rooms. Not so much the bigger chain motels but the smaller out-of-the-way ones that a lot of the truckers patronize. OMG! How would you like to be sleeping peacefully in a motel room while someone was cooking meth in the room right next to you!
  17. DammitJanet

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    I hope everyone knew I was joking about granny.
  18. Hound dog

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    Um'd be surprised at what goes on in nursing homes nowadays.......and yes, with the residents themselves. I've been sitting her myself wondering if it was a resident or an employee. lol
  19. DDD

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    I sincerely believe that law enforcement needs to focus on deadly and seriously health endangering drugs that the public is exposed to and back off on the personal use of pot. The safety of the population should determine the priority and meth is more potentially dangerous I think, than most. Sigh. DDD
  20. susiestar

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    Meth has been a scourge in rural America for decades. The farther out from a city you are, the more hold the meth has. It is harder to get caught out here, and harder to get drugs that have to be imported like opiates and cocaine, but meth could be made just about anywhere you were not near the cops. I have friends who are dealing with relatives in their 60s who have been meth addicts all of my friends' lives and it is dang scary. Not close friends, really, but people I know from school and from college and the community. Until recently no one talked about it though. It wasn't hidden, just wasn't talked about. Back in high school I thought one girl's parents were about sixty, that she was a change of life baby, but they were only in their 40s. Meth does that to you - makes you look so much older and more sick than you were just months before. It is terrifying to me.

    People don't realize that out in the rural towns in OK, KS, MO, TX, etc... that this is about the worst thing around. They think of it as more of a city drug, but it was always more popular iwth the rural white male than any other population group, from the data I have seen. I was stunned to see that Lawton, OK is on the list of Top 10 most dangerous cities in the US. Meth and the economy are directly responsible for this. husband's great aunt or gma, I forget which it was, at one time owned most of Lawton - she got it in a lottery when it was first settled. So we know a lot of the history of the town. It is largely a ghost city in many areas and meth has just decimated the population - either by making addicts out of the people or by driving people away because it is so dangerous there. It makes me sick because it used to be a real cultural center for this part of the US.