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So Difficult Child is in prison for robbery. Well evidently before :censored2: hit the fan with stealing our money for a herion binge, he intimated a girl, threatened to hurt her. Well, hes never hurt anyone. But has a mouth. Did this before to ex girlfriend. Via cell phone. He doesn't learn. Anyway, i am proud of myself. I dont feel any anxiety about what kind of punishment he will get. Old me would be on computer looking it up, getting upset for another ding on rap sheet, calling family to share my anxieties. Instead i put his court summons in mail to him in prison. Didnt write anything, didnt suggest anything. Zero, Nothing. I will mail in morning. He can deal with it.


Teriobe...way to go! I am proud of you and hope some of that rubs off on me. As I mentioned, my son was just arrested Friday a week ago and I only talked to him once this week on Wednesday. I had to set up an account just so that he could call me...all of this is new to me. He hasn't called me since and I am trying not to be anxious about it as I am telling myself that either his father or I will get a call if something major happened to him. Also, his dad and I are divorced so I am not sure if he has been calling him at this time but I am not inquiring with my ex, just going on with life.


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Great job Teriobe. It feels good to take your life back doesn't it? We will always worry about them but we cannot let it consume us. When he sees you changing he will change.


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Good for you! Be strong and stay strong.

I think of it as if my husband did the things to me my son has done, I'd divorce him!! Love or not, no one is going to stomp on my heart any longer!!

I'm kind of emotionally divorced from my son right now.


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Its funny you use the term divorce, RN0441, cause thats how I feel but didnt use that term because I thought people wouldn't understand. Glad someones in my boat