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    Has anyone heard from Shari? It has been a while since we had an update. I hope she is healing well and that Wee is making progress.

    I saw that they are running Top Shot for a second season (show about a shooting competition that she enjoyed during the first season). It made me think of her and realize that I haven't heard from her in a while.

    Come out, come out, wherever you are!! You are missed!!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I'll poke her on FB and tell her to check in. She's progressing fairly well -- still got her sense of humor!
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    She promises to check in tomorrow :) She's back at work and doing PT as well, so things have been busy.
  4. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I lied, GVC....I got on now! lol

    My nightly adult beverage hasn't kicked in yet, so I'll pop in and say hey! I can facebook on my phone...I need to get a new phone so I can actually use my data plan and get on here, too!

    I am back to work. This is technically my third week, but my first week consisted of 2 days - Wee was sick and we were snowed in for 2 days. lol It was actually a good thing, tho...I dont think I could still do 5 full days.

    Healing well. Not fast enough, but that's just my opinion. When I stop and think, I can't be unhappy with my progress. I've had one setback, and that was a tendon I strained last week. The wrong thing gave - instead of my ankle bending, another tendon gave instead! Was painful, but turned out to be a good thing - found that I am growing scar tissue far beyond the boundaries of my injuries, so now we're addressing that. Manually trying to break up as much as possible, which is insanely painful, but once its broken, its night and day difference on my ability to walk. I see my surgeon Monday. I expect him to want to go in and start cutting out scar tissue, but I am not going to let him yet.

    My wrist is doing well. I have all motion back in it, tho I don't have full range or much strength yet. But its coming. There are days that I don't even really notice it at all, which is a nice change.

    I am doing pt 4 days a week for about 3 hours per day. I love my pt's, tho. Its not fun, cause it hurts! But its good company.

    So that's me!

    Wee is doing awesome. We finished his IEP meeting. I think we have a good IEP now. The SpEd teacher wrote his BIP, and I think ITS good. The lawyer refused to let me add "consistent para" to his IEP, but the SpEd teacher put it in the BIP. So hahahahaha - its in there! lol And the principal wanted a "backup eergency plan" )in other words, restraint allowed in writing) but she got sidetracked and forgot, so the emergency plan says nothing about any sort of restraint. lol bwaahahaha

    Juvie just called me yesterday...exMIL had called them while i was in the hospital and told them we woudn't be in...I had kinda hoped they dropped it, but no such luck. Oh well. I meet them next Tuesday. They want me to bring Wee. The lawyer we met with last fall said not to, so I don't plan to. It will do NO good to take him to a scare-tactic meeting for something that he is NOT going to even remember doing - its been over 4 months now. No way. If they want to argue, I'll end the meeting and bring the attorney with me next time...

    Wee has added 15 min to his day at school. Its going well, he has not had any issues. He has tripled his reading vocabulary in 3 months. He's actually starting to use reading skills to decipher words - he's trying to read tv, road signs, etc. And he calls me about once a week to read me a book from school. I love it. He loves his teacher and his aid, and he's doing amazing. He was even asked to come work extra in art today, and rememberMallory? The girl he had such a problem with last year? She was in the art room, also, and she's still a trigger, but his aid helped him work thru it and he stayed and spent the whole time working on his project and ignoring Mallory! YAY!!!! He's so positive...maybe, just maybe, some healing can happen now. Unless the teacher or aid move, he will be with them for the next 2 school years, in addition to this year...a chance for growth. I hope and pray.

    husband is husband. I finally really blew my top and told him where I'm at. No holds barred. I told him he needed to do more to take care of us as a family, instead of relying on my 70 year old mom, I told him his lack of concern of vehicles gave me a REALLY HUGE negative opinion of him, I told him I didn't want any more kids because he didn't pay enough attention to the ones he had, andd I told him if he inherits his folks' precious farm tomorrow, I will not be going there with him because I am NOT going to attempt to be responsible for all that with him and his irresponsible sister. He's made some minor improvements, but they're pretty darned minor. Except for the fact that he did change the oil in his truck! (to which, like, 12 people said "OMG did hades freeze over????" lol) We'll see. I don't expect much to change, but who knows. He's NOT going with me to my doctor appointment Monday! lol

    Two Brooms was really nice to me while I was laid up....that's fading. Oh was nice while it lasted.

    difficult child 1 is in the big sandbox. His wife and little boy are with her family til he gets back. I worry about him, but he's doing what he wanted to do. I'm proud of him...he's doing so well.

    easy child 1 and his girlfriend are planning their wedding for next year. Kinda fun.

    So that's the update from this crazy place! I promise I'll be back when things slow down just a bt! I love you guys!

    Oh, and we took the sleigh out last was a little daunting to get behind the team again, but I did it! My heart only jumped in my throat a few times....
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    Shari, its wonderful to hear from you. I think about you all the time and hope that no news is good news. It sounds like wee is doing as well as he can possibly do for now. Sometimes we just have to settle for okay. Im glad difficult child 1 is doing well over there in the sandbox and will continue to pray he keeps his head low. You just take it easy and heal.
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    Star* call 911

    I'm glad you are feeling better!

    Is it a team on DONKEYS!!!!!!!!??????? GIGANTIC MULES!