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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by 3sacharm, Nov 9, 2007.

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    In our world of difficult child's it seems so often that things are so bad and so stressful and we wonder when it will get better... I just wanted to share some positives. My son is FINALLY in a good place, mentally, emotionally and educationally. We have him on medications that seem to be working. He is finally in a school apropriate to his needs that can handle what he dishes out. The school calls to tell me what happened in school and how "they handled it", instead of calling me up and asking me what to do with him!

    I am well aware that just because things are good now that I should expect and anticipate both small and large bumps in the road ahead, certainly due to the nature of his diagnosis. But it is so nice to see that things can be good. For those of you who have not reached the "good" yet, have faith and be patient and continue with the hard work you are putting in. :smile:
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    Congrats!! It seems that the "good" is so far away sometimes. It is nice to hear positive stories that can give others hope. :thumbsup:
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    :thumbsup: WOW :thumbsup:

    That's two positive posts this afternoon I opened back to back. Good news all around :its_all_good:

    Glad difficult child is in a place where he is able to make good choices and they are able to handle what comes up. :its_all_good:

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    Now see, we LOVE happy posts! Your mommy heart must be feeling well!

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    That is just fantastic news! Bet it makes your Mom heart sing!

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    Great news!! This was wonderful to read!! :flower:
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    Feeling the Love!!! I love happy posts!!! I love reading that others are doing well!!!
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    Thanks for sharing your is nice to be able to share this with you. :its_all_good: