sharing your difficult child's symptoms???

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Feb 21, 2008.

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    i thought of posting this after reading a post on add and how some of us have it there was one example that got me going an person with add cleaning a house!!! lol........oh truly truly funny stuff that is me every weekend. i start in kitchen i see kids toy on flr. i bring it up to their room then start putting their clothes away then i'll go downstairs for water and realzie there are no glasses because didn't do dishes i initially started off to do. round and round we go where we stop no one knows.........:)

    me personally have been bouncing left to right right to left obsessing over stuff, spent few sleepless nights this week not due to difficult child believe it or not...........

    how many of us find that we share our difficult child's symptoms or diagnosis's??????

    by the way this has been a slow ah-ha awakening moment for me :)

  2. Big Bad Kitty

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    Well a lot of these things are genetic...
  3. Jena

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    no, i know. it's just sometimes like well me it took a while before i started lookin in mirror at me to see her? make sense??
  4. tiredmommy

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    Well, Duckie looks a lot like me as a child, but we really aren't similar in behaviors. I was quiet and very competitive with the other kids in the neighborhood in pick-up games and such, she is extremely talkative and doesn't tend to compete very well. She does, however, seem to possess an innate understanding of mathematics like her father and tends to have piles of stuff laying around like him as well. She's a good student like I was, and has a very weird sense of humor like her father. She shares her love of music with both her parents. She's much more outgoing than either of her parents. She's way more creative than either of us too.
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    difficult child looks like husband, and acts like him too. Many of our friends call him husband's mini me. They also share diagnoses, ADHD for both, BiPolar (BP) for husband and cyclothymia for difficult child. A little too freaky. What is interesting is difficult child is not like husband was as child, but they are alike now. Hopefully that makes sense. difficult child actually is more like husband's younger brother was as a child.

    easy child looks like me, but is herself. She is very dramatic, and neither husband or I are that way. She is very smart (as is difficult child) and husband and I are both intelligent. That sounds cocky huh? That is not how I meant it. I have a 3.83 gpa in college right now, and it should go up because I DO NOT plan on getting any more B's.

    I find this a very interesting subject. I have been considering getting checked for ADHD, however I do not clean house the way some of you describe. That was funny.
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    My mom says difficult child is Heather times ten. 'Nuff said.
  7. susiestar

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    Oh yeah. Shared behavior, a strange understanding of where some of his odd ideas come from, and in some ways he is SOOOO like his dad.

    Same with other kids.

    thank you LOOKS EXACTLY like difficult child. At every age. But gets very upset at being called difficult child's miniME, because he was so traumatized by difficult child's actions, and HATES the idea of acting/thinking like difficult child and/or having ANY of the same problems.

  8. timer lady

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    I cannot say that I share the illnesses with my children - I can say that both kt & wm have picked up many of husband & my ways. The other day in home therapist pointed out how much kt is like me. How many of my ways she imitates.

    It did give me a moment of pride - I'm not a bad person to copy you know.

  9. house of cards

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    My oldest is somewhat like me only much more together. My second born is like his father to a T, even would collect the same pens and coins as kids, strange, we joke he is a clone. My 3rd is a cross and some "where did that come from thrown in". My adopted kids mostly are their own combos but my difficult child is alot like me if you remove the difficult child stuff.
  10. I think that the spin of the genetic roulette wheel is facinating... easy child is a physical combination of husband and myself, and he lucked out - he has perfect teeth and perfect eyes. (I have the myopic eyes, husband has the crooked teeth that needed braces). Unfortunately easy child has my ADHD tendencies.. but he keeps them mostly under control.

    difficult child is a carbon copy of husband in all ways... mindset, Aspie personality, tall and lanky build. He even walks exactly like husband. And, poor thing, he got both the myopic eyes and the need for braces. I think his only genetic inheritance from me is the need for glasses....

    OBTW, I totally relate to the house cleaning issue. I could really use an "efficiency expert" to help me out there. I'm just "all over the place" with it, but not nearly often enough :)
  11. SomewhereOutThere

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    My one biological son is thirty and inherited every single problem I had, as a child and now. He has severe anxiety disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to the point where without medications he will count every word you say to him and miss the meaning of what you say, and a mood disorder. He didn't rage or act up like I did, but he sure got the bad genes! His wife is expecting a child and I'm crossing my fingers!
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    Oh, absolutely. My husband runs marathons; our son is hyper. I'm terribly scattered; our son has ADHD. My desk is a mess; his arts and crafts area is a mess. My husband and I both lose our tempers too easily; our son has ODD. He's our kid, alright.

    Also: we both love reading; our son taught himself how to read when he was four. We pass along the good stuff, too!
  13. Sheila

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    Physically, our difficult child is almost a carbon copy of his dad -- except he has my coloring. It's kind of funny because many people thinks difficult child looks like me because of his coloring (husband is bio dad, I adopted difficult child). But their build, hands, feet, etc., are the same.

    They both have ADHD, though husband will deny it. lol They act so similarly sometime that I call them each other's names sometimes.

    difficult child inherited his birthmom's artistical abilities.
  14. Jena

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    it really is fascinating when you think about it. and yes we pass along the good stuff too not just our narotic


    difficult child little one looks just like dad not me at all. she's anxiety ridden like dad, is paranoid like dad, is also musically inclined like i used to be :) she can draw like i used to and sing like i used to and is great at math like dad and loves chips and soda like mommy :)

    older one is me to the T from beginning to end from the way she looks to the way she's sooo funny and no one her sarcastic sense of humor at only 14 to her stubborn side and definite laziness which i can share as well at times.

    i love them both soo soo much infact their gone this weekend wtih wonderful ex nightmare and i miss them already thats just strange i dont know what to do with myself.