She came home!! Case still open, long road ahead, but she's home :)


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We went to the hearing yesterday, accepted jurisdiction so they could provide services. My lawyer kept asking me what I wanted to do, and all I could tell her is that I needed to get daughter back home, this legal stuff isn't easy for me to understand (if it were all numbers, it would make total sense, but weird words, not at all). Right before we were to go in both our lawyers, the social worker and the DA's asst met and decided to put in some special thing in the order that would release her to us immediately. They do not have the resources for her to be in a foster home, and obviously we've shown them enough that they know it's her, not us that needs most of the help.

We're meeting with the SW next week to go over the case/safety plan (which you guys helped me with a couple weeks ago, the suggestions were perfect).

We got the keys to our new place the same day they took her, so it was the first time she saw her new bedroom and was super excited to see the house, the yard, and the cats. She lost a tooth within an hour of being home. I was so not prepped to be the tooth fairy so she ended up with change.

My baby is back. Now to set up the slew of doctor appts.


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Sounds like a great shot at having a fresh new start for the family. Sending best wishes and hugs. DDD


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Wow, you went thru a yucky road to get here but in the end sounds like you may actually get help and now you have it documented that she makes false allegations. THAT is huge! I am so happy for you to have your family back. I am sure she is happy too.


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The one thing that I think helped (besides them seeing her behavior) was the recent evaluation that I MADE the school do. husband was in denial about all of her problems, but it was something I could ask for and get without fighting with him about it. Without those docs, I don't know if they would have believed us. And if you have a partner in denial, unfortunately, lie and take the kid to the docs behind their back.

Lesson is - if you have a kid with "issues", get as much documented as you can, even if you think it's silly or not that big of deal.