She finally got a job....

Sue C

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....and you will not believe where. At the grocery store where she quit in December with one hour's notice! After not working for 5 weeks and applying "here and there," she finally humbled herself and went in to the grocery store today. They hired her back and she starts Wednesday. First thing out of her mouth: "They gave me really sucky hours." hahahaha

So, the girl who swore she never wanted to be a grocery cashier again in her life is once again a cashier. She didn't even ask if they were going to give her full time hours or how much she'll make. She's finally desperate for any job.

Now for a comment about the grocery store. Melissa quit the FIRST time by just plain not going in. Then the store had asked her if she'd work at Thanksgiving, so she went back. It was like they didn't care that she had left. Then in December she quit with one hour's notice. And now the store takes her back????!!!! Hard to believe, isn't it?

Let's hope she sticks with it this time!

p.s. Melissa really is good at being a cashier. She's fast, accurate and friendly. (I've secretly watched her every time I go into the store. LOL)



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I am glad she is working and that she humbled herself. Perhaps a good dose of reality about the job availability situation may has enlightened her. It is progress. -RM


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a lot of our stores around here are desperate for help, target and giant eagle are putting out huge banners. that is problem why they hope she shows up some time.

Sue C

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It is only the second day on the job, and Melissa said to us that she "might have to quit because they don't pay enough." She has not even asked her pay. She says she's sure it's the same as when she left ($7.75/hour) and that they don't pay full time any more than part time....yet she didn't bother asking!

husband told her she had better not quit this time without having another job lined up. We shall see what happens.

p.s. She was getting $8.50/hour at the bicycle warehouse, and she gave that job up. What does she think she's going to make anywhere else??? Without a college education, she's just not going to make the income she wants to. husband has concluded that she is just plain lazy and does not want to work.



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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">husband has concluded that she is just plain lazy and does not want to work. </div></div>

Well, of course.

Why should she work?

At this point she has a roof over her head, food, and probably husband slips her some money for incidentals. There's no need for her to work that I can see.

So I guess somehow you and husband need to present the need...