She got a part!!!!!

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    Auditions were held today for the Missoula Childrens' Theater production in our town. They are doing Jack and the Beanstalk. They take the story and make it hilarious!

    for any who haven't heard of MCT, they travel all over the country (and other countries) and put on plays using children from the various communities. You can check it out at:

    This is an amazing experience for kids entering 1st grade in the fall to age 18. We have done this for 4 years now. Last year jess was the lead in their version of the Little Mermaid!

    We had 112 kids audition. Only 50 were cast, but that is a LOT!! Jess is a farmer! thank you and Wizard didn't want to do it this year.

    The kids will work on the play this afternoon, and the rest of the week and then perform for the community on Saturday!! ONE WEEK of rehearsal and then the performance. It is intense, but kids are cast by age group and the little ones are surprisingly able to cope (they only practice 2 hours in the morning, not the afternoon practices adn not every day).

    I am jsut so proud!!! And I can hardly wait for the performance!!!

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    What exciting news!!! Way To Go Jess!!! Thanks for posting this - I love hearing good news about all my cyber "nieces and nephews"!!!

    Enjoy Saturday's performance!!! I'll be eagerly waiting for an update. WFEN
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    THAT is awesome! Give her hugs of congratulations from her board Aunties!
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    How wonderful! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!
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    WOW!!! Impressive! I LOVE the arts!!!! How cooll!!!!!!!! You should be S-O-O-O-O-O PROUD!!!! :)
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    hey, if y'all check out the website, you can see where they will be and when.

    This is a TOTALLY FREE experience!!!!!!! So if you can get the kid there for audition and rehearsal, well, then they have an amazing week of incredible experiences!!! They go ALL over!!

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    enters stage left..........weeping, with hand over forehead and tissue pursed to eyes.

    I. (dramatic pause) am so proud [said in a crying uptight voice] of our (looks away as if staring off into space......

    tiny, little, Jess (falls apart into a heap on the stage floor) {blows nose}

    Jess. YOU. SHOULD. BE. PROUD. I, I , I (said like a stutter) love (whisper) YOU (points to the farmer and breaks down crying again)

    the end.
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    Yeah for Jess! Activities are such a necessity to help young girls develop a sense of self and value. I truly believe that pcdaugther is who she is today because of the opportunities that her years in dance afforded her. Break a leg, Jess!!!
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    :bravo: Way To Go Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:congrats:
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    Oh for fun!!! Way To Go Jess, you are our own little starlet.
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    Congratulations! How fun! You'll have to post pictures and video!!!! Way To Go Jess!!!!!
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    Tess Jess that this board auntie will be sitting front row center. I'll be easy to spot as I'll be the one :bravo::whistle:

    Way To Go Jess!!! Don't forget to take plenty of pics for us!!!

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    I told ehr yesterday about the comments, she wants to read them after rehearsal today. I will have her post some comments about how it is going.
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    Very cool!