She has Mental Illness, "Oh, can she um walk?"


Mom? What's a difficult child?
This is what the secretary asked me when I was registering difficult child 1 for K, today!!! I CM'd my request for the evaluation!!!! Yeah!!! Then I went and made sure they had all of the paperwork for registration. I had it in a folder with her name etc. They were both excited by my organization... I said well when you have files and doctors apt pilling up you need to be organized!!!
So they were looking through her stuff and It says under chronic health issues, Mental Illness... So one lady asks me "does she have autism?" I said no, she has mental illness and various other issues. I also listed various medications that change frequently, will be supplied at the start of school. I know for a fact that they are loooking for a nurse. They have one come in one day a week, so I tried to explain that I will try to keep her medications so that I can give them to her at home, but some times she does have reactions. It would be nice to have someone on staff who can help a child who is sick. They said well you will need to sign a release if we need to give her medications at school... I once again stated that I was trying to keep it so that she was only taking medications at home and I was aware of that policy and if and when she took medications at school we could figure it out then... So then one of them wispered well what is wrong with her? I said she has mental lllness, she says to me, "Oh can she um walk?" I said she is BiPolar (BP)... Yes she can walk, if you know nothing of mental illness you most likely would not realize she has any issues most of the time... I told them what some of her other issues were.
Then they were like. Oh it must be so hard... I was thinking, "no what is hard is idiots like you!"

So then I was walking out and the Principal stopped me to inform me that even though they told me I could have an aid and a 504... ha ha She was mistaken, which I had already found out. She then tells me that usually what they did in the past was, NO IEP, NO 504, the parents brought in the aids themselves!!!! But in some of the other schools, High School, the aids were caught drinking ans smoking with the students!!! OMG... I couldn't believe the policy and that she was telling me this!!! She then said I guess you need to do it through an IEP now...
I let her know that I had already sent it in... and I was suspicious when they had said that before....

What kind of place am I dealing with???? husband said this is just a trial run, let's just get through this until we move... it is a good experience for next time!!! My gosh...

I am laughing and feel like crying and po'd all at the same time.


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I love it!! My son's GAL said something stupid along those lines in court- she told the judge "Uh well, i don't know about this mental health issue, he's a smart boy" as if, only stupid people can be bipolar or have something else?


The parents supplied the aides? Wow. There are a bunch of very accommodating parents in your SD. :rolleyes: Somehow, I'm not buying that.

Since when does mental illness affect the legs? Are you sure these people are living in our century? Sheesh... :hammer:

Well, hon, sorry to say it, but looks like you are going to have to break out your armor. :warrior:


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I think they basically told people that medicaid paid... and the people went and found the aids themselves and took care of everything on their own, through their own medicaid, and the aid just came in and went through the school???!?!?!?! These are the stories I am hearing now. The fact that they didn't set up plans for the kids is what scares me!!! I know some have plans, but to know that there are a lot that don't... wow!!! This is what they tried to do with us, just go get an aid... you don't need a plan. As soon as I started asking questions they stopped talking and offering...

We just had the shooting here down south of us about 2 hours, they are saying he was mentally Ill, last year the young man killed a bunch of students here and Arizona, his parents tried to get him help, the school did nothing. The state of Idaho is so beautiful, but it does not take care of it's own... All of our resources are down in Southern Idaho, Boise. We basically don't exist in their minds...


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O...........M................G :surprise::faint:

Sending you a lot of hugs and a big ol Think you're going to need it but hoping it turns out better than you expect.

Also a nice new shiny :warrior:


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You gotta be kidding!!!! Are these people EDUCATORS??? Surely, not!! I honestly don't believe my ears....errr, eyes!!


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I think husband is right, consider these idiots to be a practice run. And if, along the way, you teach them something, then it will be a bonus for all those parents to follow.

Branbran, you said, 'Too bad they didn't have a book "Mental Illness For Dummys".'

Why don't WE write one? I'm sure, collectively, we've got what it takes and more!



Great idea, Marg! We'll have to make sure to include a chapter in there on how one walks when one is mentally ill. :hammer:

totoro - I wanted to add that you have much more restraint than I. When easy child was severely depressed, his language arts teacher asked at the parent-teacher meeting (in front of all his other teachers) if he had a physical illness. I explained that his depression was severe, that he was suicidal and had a plan. She repeated, "But does he have a PHYSICAL illness?" I responded, "Well, if he follows through with his plan and shoots himself in the head, will that be physical enough for you?" I had had it up to my eyeballs with the ignorance at that point. Not one of my finer moments, but I had reached my limit.

The Health Department did a survey of the students that year and found that at any given time 20% of the student body had symptoms of depression. It should be mandated that teachers working in that environment be at least familiar with these issues.


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yes it should- it amazes me how so many teachers these days appear to have no common sense or concern for students at all.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
The whole thing is still pretty surreal to me... I just keep telling myself this is for my kids good, this is for the good of all of our kids and future g'sfg... keep it together!!! It has been a week and a half since I called psychiatrist... 3x's now, still have not heard back. Her secretary called to confirm that I had called??? I asked if psychiatrist would be calling me back? "Oh yes, she will" still waiting... I let them know she has been talking more about death, her auditory hallucinations are worse, she is depressed... etc. I am VERY CONCERNED and it feels like no-one else is. Nothing!!!!

This is almost comical... where am I??? :hammer:


T, can you fax the psychiatrist a letter stating the concerns you have? If not, maybe you should send her a letter CM. It's amazing it should have to come to that. Sorry, my friend.


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I hate to tell you guys that there is a book Bipolar for Dummies.
It is more for adults but I read the section on children and it is not bad.

I have brought books into people before and asked them to read sections. And offered to doante copies to the school. Maybe a book or two for this school might be helpful. Either they should read it or a good whack in the head with one might knock some sense in.