She lost her job last night...

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    I am not upset with her at all, though. She has been there over 6 months and busted her rear for them. She learned great work ethic. The friend of hers that brought her in was fired and she had a feeling they would end up firing her, too. The shift managers were not happy about letting her go. They know how much Marina worked for them. It was the decision of a District Manager that was brought in after they fired the GM. Yes, they have been quite fire happy lately after going through a period where everyone was quitting - hence why Marina was working ALL the tme. Apparently Marina was told to go help fill orders because she can knock them out quickly and the other person was behind. Marina caught this cashier giving food away - the checks were voided and she wanted Marina to fill the orders anyway. Marina was questioning her on it and they got in to an argument. Marina was the one let go. I told her that I know very well that she can get an attitude but to learn from it. I, too, was fired from my first job for having a bad attitude. I learned from it and made sure it did not happen again.

    She is depressed but I told her everything happens for a reason. It was her first job - I told her to take in the experience and move forward. Almost everyone I know has been fired at least once in their lives. Now is the time to look for a day job and put Connor in daycare. She already has a couple of leads that she is following up on tomorrow.

    Thankfully, she is not a spender and has banked a good amount of her money away. She was going to pay off probation in full but not now. She will remain on probation until she finds another job. No biggie. She goes just once a month now.

    To be honest, I am going to enjoy the break from babysitting every night and enjoy some time with my husband - especially being able to go to bed together at the same time! But if you could all rattle some beads and say some prayers for my baby girl to find another job quickly, I would really appreciate it! :)
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    Tell Marina for me that it really socks how fast they are firing/hiring people these days and that she is not alone and her board auntie is very proud of her. If this were my kid, doing as well as she is, I'd do exactly what you are doing...comforting her and giving her a booster. I may even give her a few bucks, which I do sometimes with my PCs (not sure this a good habit, but I do it).

    The economy is terrible and the employers are taking shameless advantage of it and there is no longer loyalty to even the hardest workers. Julie used to be a really hard worker and she would end up quitting because the managers would give her every horrible hour that existed, knowing she'd show up, and then yell at her when her hard work didn't turn out 100% the way they wanted it too. Many phone calls to me in tears. Julie is emotional and sensitive and her feelings get hurt easily. I hope Marina is less sensitive than she is.

    As a pastry chef, it was a nightmare as the two women over her (two chefs) were jealous because she was so talented and was moving up too fast for them, but in the end she couldn't take it and quit when she got pregnant. That was ok with her SO, her father and with me. She was working ten hours a day, six days a week and on salary so she only got thirty hours pay and no benefits and couldn't join the union. It's just a horror show out there.

    Hugs to your wonderful, brave daughter from me!!
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    Thank you! I feel the same way. The only thing she did wrong was probably not control her temper. There was just SO much drama there. I think because it is a job that most high schoolers work - it is like high school in there. Her friend is trying to get her in the Chico's warehouse not far from here - that should be all adults there...

    I told her that I love her very much and I was very proud of her. She wants to work and wants another job ASAP. How could I not be proud of that?? :)
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    I'm sorry to hear that but I am glad you guys are being positive about it.
  5. Nancy

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    That's a shame and not fair that the person who was actually doing the stealing was not fired, but I have found many employers are not fair. My difficult child was fired from her last job because she had to pick up her boyfriend's daughter from school because she had pink eye and boyfriend has no license. Her boss told her if she left she was fired and she did and was. She was there every morning at 6:15 and worked every weekend for them and all the overtime they asked in addition to going above and beyond what they expected. It turned out to be for the best since she got a full time 8-4:30 weekday job in an office that paid more.

    I hope she bounces back and gets a job soon so there is little downtime to get depressed. My difficult child found her job through a temp agency and was hired fulltime after 8 weeks. Keep us posted PG, I'm crossing body parts.
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    She is definitely going to look for an office job - at least something during the day with weekends off. Only problem is transportation. I can bring Connor to daycare and pick him up - may even be able to drop her off and pick her up - depends where it is. We will figure it out. Our home life is most definitely a testament to "it takes a village". :)

    We really, really need to figure out a way to get her a car...
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    Being fired is NOT the end of the world. I got fired for taking time off on disability leave to have surgery. Not legal but no one cared - the owner of the bank fired several hundred people for that reason on the same day. We mostly all found much better jobs anyway.

    She may want to talk to a temp agency. It is a great way to get experience and see what options for careers are out there and are appealing to you. Some focus on office jobs, some on other types of work. It also can be a very flexible way to work because you have the option to take very short term jobs of a few days or longer jobs of a few weeks to months or you can work temp to permanent.

    She needs to know that her former employer CANNOT tell anyone that she was fired. Legally they can verify dates of employment but they cannot say ANYTHING negative or they violate the fed laws about blacklisting employees. This can get the corporation in HUGE trouble. Usually a franchise will have strict rules about what a mgr can say about employees who leave because a lawsuit will be against the franchise owner and the parent company both and they are super expensive to the parent company.

    She will find something better because now she has experience and that can be very important.

    It is delightful to hear how well she is doing, even with this minor setback. For some women, becoming a mom is that thing they need to turn themselves around. I am glad it was for her, and it makes the baby a very special and lucky little man.
  8. PatriotsGirl

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    I did tell her that - she asked me if she had to tell a new job that she got fired. (A supervisor for Ricoh is already waiting for her call - a friend referred her already. :)

    I am super, super proud of her!! It has been over 8 months now. Safe to say there is no more difficult child around...and everyone in the family jut adores baby Connor. He is our universe. <3
  9. PatriotsGirl

    PatriotsGirl Well-Known Member

    What is really awesome is all of the other people that believe in her, too. She has a lot of friends offering to help her get a job where they work - that says a lot...
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    Ugh im sorry. I hope she is able to find a new and better one... everything happens for a reason. There is something bigger waiting for her!!
  11. DammitJanet

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    Well if you want to have her apply at Radio Shack, I can have a manager refer her!
  12. lovemysons

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    Will definitely say some prayers that Marina finds another job quickly (a day job).
    And...I think you gave your daughter excellent advice and encouragement.

    Hoping this is a blessing in disguise.
  13. PatriotsGirl

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    husband isn't worried about her getting a job - the staffing lady is going to place her at a job making 10 - 12 an hour. She just needed transportation. So, we have made the decision to loan her the money for a car. It won't be anything fancy, a point a to point b car, but it solves the issue! Where we live, it is really just impossible without a car...

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  14. Kathy813

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    I think that she has earned the chance for a loan for a car. I am so thrilled at how things have turned out.

  15. PatriotsGirl

    PatriotsGirl Well-Known Member

    Me too! :)

    We still have our moments. It is not all rainbows and butterflies, but it is typical stuff now and I can live with that!

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  16. AnnieO

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    Isn't it funny how the typical stuff seems so easy once the difficult child stuff has gone away?

    PG, I am really proud of M. She has really, really turned herself around. I've gotten close to being fired for my big mouth & attitude, too... And I've been fired for other reasons. Still, it was a learning experience and while it hurt, it opened the door for better things!

    Give her hugs for me!
  17. Nancy

    Nancy Well-Known Member Staff Member

    We had to get difficult child a car also, it's nearly impossible these days to get a job with no transportation. Good luck on the job hunting.