She made it!!!!!!!!!

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    difficult child 1 is no longer on the chip program. 4 weeks of 1 negative chip or less and she succeeded. I can not tell you how exciting this is.

    We has our session last Sunday and we even discussed difficult child 2 and his problems (she had overheard some things while she was home and instead of her guessing we wanted her to have the facts). We said she had the right to know why she wouldn't be making contact with him any time soon. She kept it together even when we told her about biomom.

    She was told tonight that her advocate is also going to part time so she got a new advocate. She was crying about that but she was holding it together.

    She was telling me she gets to go to the basketball games on Friday and Tuesday nights. She also wanted to know how much money to request for the Winter Formal dress and shoes. I can not believe how far we have come with her.

    She is practicing with the JROTC group at school and gets herself up every morning so she can be on time (she has to be there at 6:10). Plus just the fact that she is in a group like JROTC where she is told what to do and does it is a miracle. I know some of our difficult children thrive with the structure and I think she may be one. She doesn't qualify for military at this point but I would be tempted to encourage her to do so if she lost some more weight. But I am putting the cart before the horse.

    I am so excited for her that she is finally getting where she needs to be. I know we are not finished but this is such a boost for her. She made it through the holidays and starting school at the public school full days instead of the half days there and half at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) school. So she heald it together through all of those changes.

    I think I might actually see the light at the end of this tunnel.

    Now I just have to think on what we are going to surprise her with ( I said we would if she made it). Just not sure what to go with.

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    Beth, there are tears in my eyes. I am so happy for you and proud of her.

    Brag on, proud momma. Brag on.
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    What a wonderful post! Earning those steps is such a great feeling for all. Congrats!!!!!
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    Sounds to me like she sees that light and she's planning on reaching it!! Congratulations- it really loooks like she's going to be ok! Just remember, if there are any little setbacks, don't give up- she is accomplishing a lot!!

    You better be thinking of rewards real fast!
  5. jannie

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    What a fabulous post !! What great progress !! I am so proud of difficult child !! Way to go !! :bravo:
  6. Nancy

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    I am so thrilled for all of you. She must be so proud of herself. Your post brought tears to my eyes.

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    How wonderful. Congratulations...I love to hear these stories...keeps me smiling & gives me more hope! I'm happy for you & your family :smile: Hmmm......wonder what the surprise is going to be....I love surprises & think this deserves a pretty good one :flower:
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    What a way to go! I know there are things that she has ask for.What is the one thing that she would never expect to get? If it is suitable for her and you can afford it,that is what the surprise sould be.Congradulations!!!!!!
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    Yay! Congratulations!
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    :bravo: :smile: :princess: :flower: :princess: :singer: :hawaii_girl: :you_go_girl: :woohoo:

    So wonderful, Beth!!!!
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    :bravo: :woohoo: :its_all_good: :you_go_girl: :princess:


    What a wonderful update - thanks so much for sharing this. Gives me hope.
  12. Hound dog

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    Isn't it awesome when you get to brag on difficult child??

    Absolutely wonderful Beth!!! You have every reason to be one proud Momma! And difficult child has every reason to be darn proud of herself!

    Wonderful update!! :smile: :bravo: :dance:
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    Beth, this is such great news! I'm so happy for you and the whole family!

    Maybe this will help put some of the "spring back in your step"!

    I could be that you were feeling the down and outs because you were afraid to hope for this type of progress!

    Way to go!

    The "Other" Beth

  14. SaraT

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    Good for her.
  15. Star*

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    Beth -

    THAT is some SUPER FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! I am overjoyed for you all.

    and for JROTC girl.... :salute:

    VERY VERY PROUD BOARD AUNTIE HERE - INCREDIBLY good news to start a Friday morning off with -

    Thanks so much for sharing -