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    Well my daughter snuck out again and we caught her coming in at 445 in the morning. We made good on the threat to make her move 45 minutes away to her grandparents. She is seeing how her choices have cost her now. She is in a small private school that doesn't offer even half of what her school here offered in choices of classes. She is the only child living with her grandparents so while they have all the time in the world to spend with her it also means they have all the time in the world to monitor what she is doing, where she is doing it and who she does it with which gives her less freedom. She is 20 minutes away from town and the closest neighbor is her great grandfather and cows. She will live there for the rest of high school. She thought she would get to come home if she started changing behavior. We (us and grandparents) felt it'd be best for her to stay till she graduates because she will pretend to change, get stuff back then go right back to old behaviors. We don't want to put our families thru that additional stress of moving in and out and back and forth.
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    Good for you. I wish all the best for you.
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    I hope she does not stress the grandparents too much.
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    Blessings for your loving parents... May she respect them.
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    Good. So glad you have that option. Many don't. Count your blessings!
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    We are very fortunate to have them. They are younger than you'd expect for grandparents and are staying on top of her. The good thing about the school is the teachers and faculty are either related or have known us our entire lives. She won't have as much chance or opportunity to do some of what she has been doing. It has been emotional at our house since she moved this past weekend. I know it's good that she did, but it's very hard to come to grips with having to turn over the raising of my child to someone else even if they are grandparents. We got to see her yesterday for the first time in 4 days and she acted like she didn't want us around and was being rude. My mother in law said she has only acted that way when she speaks to us in the evening and yesterday when she saw us. Other than those times she acts like a completely different child. It's just drama and trying to make us feel bad and feel sorry for her. She made the choices that lead to this. My 10 year old son is like a different child almost over night. You can physically see the difference in him with less drama and chaos in our home. My relationship with my husband is already improving and I pray my relationship with my daughter will get better. Coming from a large public school to a smaller private school she is ahead of her peers in class. That will help give her a confidence boost where school is concerned because she is now going to have better grades.
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    It's sounds very positive for your family! Praises for sure!

    Take time to heal while all of you find some know she is safe a d cared for.
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