She passes. We are now at DEFCON 4.

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    I thought I would start a new thread. Thank you everyone that responded to my, "Oh, joy" thread.

    To her credit, Daughter did make an effort in studying. Amazing how motivated they can be when it's something they want real bad.

    She missed 3 out of 44. Pretty darn good. I'm proud of her.

    Still, she cannot drive until she attends her first driver's training class. Public school's don't offer it anymore like in my day, so guess who is :check_writer:?

    Daughter is thrilled. Called everyone to spread the good news.Though, she can't drive for another week.

    Son is already making plans of all the places Daughter is going to take him because "Mom only goes to boring places".

    Boring=Mom enjoys it.
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That's great, but thing is, in CA, until you turn 18, you cannot drive alone with anyone under the age of 20, so not sure how her bro will be able to take advantage of her new privileges without you present (and since you only go to boring places...)

    There are limited exceptions to this rule, and they're very specific about needing a signed and dated note from the parent for each trip.

    In some ways, the tightened rules are good, but they're definitely not as free to roam as they were when we were teens!
  3. DazedandConfused

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    You are so right. I know he can't ride alone in the car with her. I just chuckled at Son. You know, making all these grand plans.

    It really has changed. More expensive too!
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    Wow, those are strict rules. In Ohio, a driver under the age of 17 cannot have more than one non-family member passenger at a time. After 17, they can have however many they can fit - legally fit, of course.

    easy child did drivers ed and has his actual license and he still gets mad because I use the imaginary brake on the passenger side. I can't help it. I don't even realize I'm doing it. :rofl:

    I told him, though, that he's going to have to teach difficult child when it's her turn to learn. I'm just not brave enough to do that. :surprise:
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    Congrats to difficult child...and best wishes to Mom!
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    My Wiz got his permit a while back. He had to earn 1/2 the $ to pay for the drivers ed. It made him realize how much a privilege driving is. Just a thought.

    Kudos to her for studying and passing the test the first time. My older bro took it 3 times!!! But he had my DAD teaching him to drive. He is the ONLY person I know iwth "guardrail burn" on BOTH sides of a vehicle from running up against the rails.

    Need I mention he has really high insurance rates? Mom taught me and I am a cautious and sane driver for the most part.

    Anyway, it is a part of growing up, and she is!

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    my son just got his temps. we are also in ohio. He just turned 17. Hubby has been taking him out driving. I was in the car once the other day. and I about had a heart attack. he went threw a stop sign.. I'm like ummm did you not see the same sign i did. His response, that is how they drive in ny.. holy **** boy we are not in NY we are in flippin OHIO..

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    Charmed - Your imaginary brake doesn't work either? :faint: