She ran again

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by exhausted, Mar 26, 2011.

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    So just found out that difficult child ran from the therapeutic foster home. She was already out until 1:00 am this week and came back with hickies. I told them then she would run again and that there was not enough supporvision in a foster home-she needed a lock up. She ran continually and this why we are where we are. Of course this is a money thing. If she is raped again or something happens to her they are going to be responsible. I'm so scared because she knows she has court and consequences will not be good-I wonder if she'll try to be gone for good. Shes had an angel on her shoulder keeping her alive in all the dangerous situations she's been in-when will the angel disappear? There is nothing I can do and despite my best effort to detach...
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    I'm sorry. Detaching is great in theory, lol, but it doesn't always keep the fears at bay. Hugs. DDD
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    Hugs, and I will keep her in my prayers - her safety.
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    She called us at 10:00 oclock tonight. My husband took her back to the foster home. At least we know she is safe for the moment. She said she slept in a park last night-it was a cold night here. Really can't believe a word she says. We are praying they will put her in a lock up or the residential setting where she gets day treatment. Once she starts this cycle of running, she does not know how to stop herself. We have a team meeting Monday with the DBT folks, agency, DCFS, our family counselor. I hope they will see what a risk she is to herself. The next time could always be the last. Surely they wont risk leaving her in this undersupporvised home??? We never left her home alone-one of us was always with her since her release from Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and she still ran from school. She is alone for some time every day in this single parent home. We couldn't manage with the 2 of us! I hope they now get that a change of setting will not stop this crazy behavior of running every time she is triggered. With only 3 weeks of DBT, she isn't to the point of being able to use those skills, besides the fact that she still has not bought in to the therapy (She still thinks its therapy for "retards")