She said WHAT???

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    Get this... I am in the car with difficult child and easy child after picking them up from school. I am talking to difficult child about her assignment that involved computer, copying and pasting lyrics, photos, and a small essay. Anyway, she is trying to tell me that she was really working hard on getting it done in class, but had to bring it home to complete. I was teasing her that she spent too much time snacking on food that is provided for the after school homework club. She said," I can copy and paste with one hand and masturbate with the other!" I said WHAT??? Do you know what that means?? She said no, but she had heard people say it at school and she thought she used it correctly in a sentence! I had to explain what it meant... and I told her I thought that was covered in growth and development class in the last couple of years. A couple months ago, she used "J*cking Of"f as a phrase to mean goofing off. Again, heard at school... and didn't quite comprehend the meaning.

    I have age appropriate books on all of this info... they have read it. We have had discussions, but apparently not enough. Yes, they have lived a fairly sheltered life... but not that sheltered! KSM
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    :surprise:At least that's how I felt when Angel wanted to be a hooker when she grew up, masturbating (7yo)

    Last night 15yo screamed at Angel that she was a "S O B" (long version) my calm reply was "wrong gender dear" and went right on typing. Do you think they have broken me?

    :sorry:ugh out of the mouths of babes.
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    Did she mean mastication? Maybe she heard it from some word nerd and kids were joking around and she connected it to the other word which she probably had heard more often? Q heard the word rape and thought it was rake so said rake over and over (thank heaven that one faded away). Mastication would actually work in that situation!
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    LOL! I like Buddy's idea of mastication. A very close second.

    When my little sister was about 16, she got an obscene phone call. But she misunderstood it. She thought that the guy was sitting on his bed, getting ready to jump out the window. She said, "No, don't do it! There's more to life than that! Slow down and breathe. Just think. So many people would miss you. Please, please, don't do it!"
    It's probably the first time in history that an obscene phone caller hung up on the "callee."
    He had actually said, "J*king off."
    I still laugh, after all these years!

    Best of luck to you and difficult child ...
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    I made the same mistake when I was her age. I was so embarrassed when my mom explained what the word really meant :redface:
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    When I was a freshman in high school I misused the word orgasm for organism. Still embarrassing 40 years later. KSM
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    "Mom giving my speech on multiple orgasms today"... "WHAT?" :rofl:
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    I've had a couple of these!!!

    One was masturbation... Jett had heard it from kids on the bus and wanted to be part of the group. I don't remember exactly but he didn't know what they were talking about and assumed it had something to do with video games. (Well, I guess it could, but...)

    The other was when he told me the older neighbor difficult child was on top of the younger difficult child raping him. I almost swallowed my sunglasses. He meant beating up on him... I explained it as best I could. Talk about one RED FACED KID. I bet he NEVER uses that word again...
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    There is another thread about by crazymama in general today about her son who asked about hickey thinking it meant being "licked on the neck". I replied with something my sister's friend in childhood believed about getting pregnant at the time (kissing gets you that way! lol).

    As for the word rape. I hate the word. Youngest difficult child (son) uses the word like it's candy to be given to everyone in every situation and he darn well knows the meaning of it. Peeves me off because I constantly have to reprimand him about it. The kids at school are using it just like he is, casually, these days! I can not believe some of the things they say and yes, there are kids using words that really don't know what they mean (like *****, etc) that I've found recently too! :O I can't believe that either. Where are the parents? Teachers are trying hard to educate I am told. Middle difficult child's teacher (sped) recently had to devote and entire class period to this subject because the kids were using words and not knowing the meaning or intents of what they were doing and it was causing big problems. Unfortunately it didn't stop it.
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    on the other hand... once upon a time (in my life-time) there was a certain crop grown in these parts. And... it had to get re-named, because it got to the point where the agriculture specialists were embarassed to even discuss their work...
    Who wants to be called a Rape Specialist? (the crop was rape seed... now known as canola)
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    IC... I remember that... I remember wondering why I'd never heard of canola and then... Lightbulb!