She said YES!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by PatriotsGirl, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. PatriotsGirl

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    She just called me in tears after hanging up on her baby's daddy because he was being mean and hateful. She found that he lied about putting money on her books (shocker!).

    I asked her if she got the letter and she said yes. She was not mad in the slightest. She then asked me to contact them and tell them she will go!!!!!!

    I was so elated I bawled like a baby when I got off the phone. I have already sent an email to the court team letting them know that we now have to strike while the iron is hot.

    I feel like a heap of bricks has been taken off of my shoulders!!!! I am so so so happy...
  2. Hopeless

    Hopeless ....Hopeful Now

    I am happy for you, difficult child and baby Connor!!
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  4. Bunny

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    Thank God she said she would go! I'm so happy for all of you!!
  5. PatriotsGirl

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    She did ask how long the rehab portion would be and I admitted to her that I did not know. She also asked, well more made a statement of how she will have to go directly to rehab and I said yes. She asked if I thought they would give her 24 hours and I said absolutely not. She mentioned that she wanted to get her things from him and I said I would get her what ever she needed once she was safe in rehab.

    And then I did put some money on her books to get extra food while she waits to go to rehab...please pray with me that they turn this around quickly before she changes her mind. She does NOT want to be in jail for another year for a felony - praise God!! SO, I don't think she will change her mind, but I am just really hoping no lawyer goes to see her to try to get her to change her mind.

    She sounded kind of relieved when we were hanging up. But I bet no more than I am!! :)
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    Thank goodness and hopefully it will happen so fast she wont have time to blink.
  7. StressedM0mma

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    Yay!!!!! That is wonderful news! I am so happy for you and your difficult child.
  8. cubsgirl

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    :bravo: I hope your difficult child grabs onto this wonderful offer with an open heart and mind.
  9. Mrs.McNear51

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    Happy to hear this news. Good for difficult child. Continued prayers that the process flows smoothly for all. Good job PG.
  10. AmericanGirl

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    Praise God!!!!!!
  11. Mattsmom277

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    Woot woot!!!!! What a great turn of events. I'm so happy for you, and your difficult child, and mostly and importantly, your grandson. This is a fantastic development and I hope the rehab process is healing and lengthy. :)
  12. DDD

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    Simply AWESOME! I'm so happy for your family. Hugs DDD
  13. PatriotsGirl

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    We went to see her today and had a great visit!! Well, you know, as great as talking between glass can be... :-( She was eager to hear what treatment court said, but I told her I hadn't heard back from anyone, yet.
    What worries me is that she said there were women in there that have been waiting months to get into a rehab.
    I won't let that happen. I will hound them daily if I need to...they will be sick to death of hearing from me... :)
    She is really looking forward to being out so I don't see her changing her mind. But, still, I would like to see her tucked safely away in rehab enjoying the last trimester of her pregnancy.
    Thanks everyone!!!
  14. PatriotsGirl

    PatriotsGirl Well-Known Member

    She just ask if I heard from anyone yet. I told her earlier that I didn't. Now she thinks she will go to rehab overnight!?

    Ah, love the question of the night - "so, momma, you mean I could have gotten out of here earlier if I agreed to the program?"

  15. AmericanGirl

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    You will get her in there as soon as humanly possible. That I know for sure....
  16. InsaneCdn

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    Well, yes, but... first we had to get the drugs out of your system so you could think straight.
    Not that you can TELL her that, but it's probably closest to the truth.
  17. lovemysons

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    PG, I'm late to the party but just wanted you to know how happy I am for the recent developments.
    You are already such an awesome grandma!

    Hang in there,
  18. PatriotsGirl

    PatriotsGirl Well-Known Member

    I received a letter from her yesterday. She quoted the Bible a lot. She has been doing nothing but thinking in there...she reflected a lot. Told me this was not my fault. That she knows how hard we tried to steer her right and that there was nothing we could have said or done to get through to her at that time. She admitted she was addicted to the fast lifestyle as much as the drugs themselves. She said that she is grateful that she ended up in jail believe it or not. She feels that God put her in time out. :) husband said it all looks great on paper and if she meant everything she said in the letter, she may very well be ready for a different life...

    But apparently she didn't have to think long about the program - she must have wrote it directly after receiving my letter and she said in the letter that she would take the program.

    Now it is just the wait for the courts to turn it around. I will NOT sit quietly, though. I will NOT let her sit in there after she has agreed to go to the program. I want my baby to have her baby in the hospital and for us to be there!! If I end up having to hire a lawyer to get it done, well, then I guess that is what I will have to do. But I will give it a couple of weeks to hear back from them...I am not done fighting for my daughter. At least not until she is safely tucked away in rehab. :)
  19. AmericanGirl

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    That's progress, PG. Am praying she will stay the course and that God will give her the strength to do the right thing although it is the hard thing.

    She's so very lucky to have you on her side.

    I'd be re-reading that letter every hour if I were you....