She slept!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by totoro, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well we all slept last night... K woke up at 8:30- she fell asleep around 9:30pm so she got a lot of sleep... she had night terrors so it wasn't great sleep but she was alseep none the less.

    She is awake and angry now... still hypomanic, racing, on edge. Very ODD. Which I thought was gone from our lives... I guess the medications were actually doing something!!!

    As for the Lamictal we will watch this for awhile and see how it is helping her. She has been on Lamictal now since around May.

    Yes she has tried Risperdal, whether it was too fast and too high a dosage??? but it aggravated her. As far as it being approved for kids, I really don't care. Tommorow they could approve Ablify and Geodon... there will still be the same amount of children with bad case good case stories. Not every child does well on this or that medication... but each person's story is not written in stone and I realize that. I putthe info in the little thing I call a brain imagine the best case worst scenerio... read, talk and write. Make a decision based on my child.

    So she is is only on Lamictal and Prazosin- Prazosin is only at night for night terrors.
    She does take Melotonin and her Fishy pills... DHA etc. I forget what brand.

    It seems so far today as long as I have her extremely occupied she is OK... we are working on pancakes and bacon... a treat for them.

    She seems slightly better.

    I thank all of you for thinking of us... the past 2 weeks have s-u-c-k=e-d to be perfectly blunt!!! LOL

    I honestly think it was a combo of mania and the Geodon triggering her or adding to her mania... a bad timing thing. the psychiatrist agreed. I am not giving her any of the PRN's for awhile... I hope~ we have Clonidine, Ativan, Diazapam... pretty crazy. for a couple of days NONE of them worked!!!

    Thank you my friends
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    It's difficult to determine if the drugs were actually helping and removing them allowed the negative behaviors to return, if the negative behavior returned as a direct response to the removal of the drug, or a combination of those two. You really can't tell if what your seeing is because the drug worked or because of withdrawal. Only time will tell.
  3. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Yes Sara-
    Especially with her ODD like symptoms... it could be agitation from withdrawel. Who knows, so I try to go somewhat easy on her and keep her occupied and keep her mind off of her mind!!!

    psychiatrist said give her a couple of days... I am thinking more like 2 weeks at least. i just really want to give her body the time it needs to really adjust to being off of the AP's and the constant change. Before we add something again.
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    Finally! Sleep is so very important. Well, now you know geodon doesn't work. Sigh.
  5. Big Bad Kitty

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    I am SO glad she slept. I am so glad YOU slept.

    Ah, that poor kid.
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    Yeah for sleep!
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    PS, Don't forget to give her lots of water to wash all those medications out of her entire system. And I agree more on weeks, rather than days.

    PPS Give Sir Indy Poopy Pants a hug from all his cyber aunties tomorrow!!!
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    (whispering) - BRAVO!
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    :sleeping:So glad some sleep finally came :sleeping: