shes at it again!!!

sooooo tired

Well my daughter left her 4 year old son with his dad 4 months ago and has had no contact with him. The poor little guy said to me ....I dont know where my mom is, my dad dont know where my mom is, shes just living somewhere!! I have him at least one day on the weekend. I am skipping this weekend because my daughter is now trying to con someone to go pick up my grandson and bring him to her and I know she doesnt plan on bringing him back, which will really mess up his head again!! Last week when I had him his personality was different he was frustrated and cried about everything. They are just going to ruin that little boy. I want to get him but Im afraid my daughter will find out and come to my house and make a scene!! Advice please!

Tanya M

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Can you have someone with you at your house? I think it's so important for you to spend time with him because you offer him something he desperately needs.

Perhaps you could go somewhere else with him. Maybe take him to the zoo, or a movie.

((HUGS)) to you........


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I am sorry for this awful toying with a little boy's life and heart. There is something really bad about doing this to a child. I hope someway you can continue to be a positive and peaceful influence in his life.