She's going to the sober house on Thursday.

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Nancy, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Nancy

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    difficult child made all the arrangements, went to the interview and was accepted in the home. She must saty for at least six months and probably longer. The first three months she cannotleave there, after that she can go to outside AA meetings and look for a job. They want her to stay until she has enough money saved up to get an apartment.

    We let her come home this evening and stay until Thursday so she can get her laundry done and pack. She is to bring only clothes in plastic bags, nothing else.

    She said she hates her life and never wants to live like this again and can't believe she gave up her home. I'm encouraged that she decided to do this on her own and made all the arrangements on her own. I'm prayimng she means it this time and works hard to save her life.

  2. toughlovin

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    Great news Nancy.... look forward to hearing she is actually there.
  3. HaoZi

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    I hope you're right Nancy. Best of luck that she manages it.
  4. exhausted

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    This is wonderful-Prayers your way!
  5. slsh

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    Fingers crossed, Nancy. I think it's a cautiously optimistic sign that she did this all on her own and actually followed thru.
  6. DDD

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    Crossing fingers etc. etc. I really hope she is ready to fight her inner demons. Certainly hope for the best bur....stay prepared
    emotionally in case it doesn't pan out. It will be wonderful if it works! Hugs. DDD
  7. jinger

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    I think doing it on her own will mean more than anything else...she works the program or fails on her own....she's responsible for her own recovery. Knowing she gave up her home is a good thing as well. From now on she'll have to make her own home, her own life. Please stay strong for yourself and other family hopeful for her, but don't get sucked back into her web. I also wish her strength and perseverance as she continues on the path of finding her "beautiful self.".