She's thrilled to be doing laundry!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KTMom91, Nov 11, 2010.

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    Miss KT is happy to be home for the weekend. She can do her laundry by color instead of two big loads...light and dark. There are no quarter slots on the washer OR the dryer. She's sorting it all in the middle of the living room, and is jumping around, all excited.

    We went to Target...another HUGE thrill for her, since the nearest one is about an hour away from school. She was bouncing around there like it was a party. We got...gasp!...frozen pizza for dinner! And a box of macaroni and cheese! And microwave popcorn! Wow! Even more exciting, her friend C was working at Target tonight, and the crowd will be getting together Thanksgiving week.

    She took her bunny out to the bunny run in the backyard and played with her. She gave them both fresh hay. She's cuddled each of the cats, has given me many huge hugs, and keeps telling me how happy she is to be home.

    What a difference...
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    Sounds wonderful. Hopefully things continue in this way. She has apparently learned to really appreciate everything she has at home. I am happy for you.
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    LOL....I remember when Jamie went away and was thrilled to actually get more than microwaved taters and hotdogs to eat. I was a nice mom and bought him a tiny, cheap microwave from Kmart when he moved into the barracks because he was standing gate when the mess hall was open normally and he didnt have a car to drive anywhere to go get food.
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    Nothing like being away from home to make them appreciate it. I hope it continues and this becomes a huge growing experience for Miss KT. :D