She's traveling by herself!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by KTMom91, Apr 18, 2008.

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    I just put Miss KT on the train to San Diego to visit Wonder J, who is now living with his mom. I am SO nervous! This child can get lost going across town, and now she's heading halfway across the state all by herself. She has her medications, and a change of clothes, but she forgot a second pair of shoes (and of course she chose to wear her smelly, ratty, torn up Converse) and extra socks, and she just messaged me that she forgot her phone charger and shampoo. She can't find her sunglasses either. I certainly hope they have people to herd the travelers to the right places, since she has to get off the train, on a bus, then off the bus and back on the train. I'm afraid to answer my phone...but I'm also afraid not to!
  2. slsh

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    Mary, I'm nervous right along with you!!! Goodness... it is nervewracking!

    To give you some hope... thank you sometimes appears to lack even the tiniest shred of common sense. But the kid *can* navigate the city amazingly well and has managed to get home via the train several times on his own. Now, if he has the *option* of an adult with him, he becomes utterly clueless but... when he knows he's on his own, he rises to the occasion surprisingly well.

    Hopefully Miss Kt will also rise to this new experience! Do please let us know when you hear she's arrived in one piece!!! ;)
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    That does sound frightening- I hope her phone doesn't lose its charge so she can keep checking in.

    Keep us posted!
  4. KTMom91

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    She called me from LA to tell me she saw cops eating donuts. Then I called her and she said she'd made it, but nothing else. I could hear Wonder J and his mom in the background, so I guess all is well! I hope so anyway!
  5. ML

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    I am so glad she made it their safe. This will help both her confidence and yours too.

    Hugs, ML
  6. slsh

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    So glad she made it safe and sound! Phew/whew.

    Now - enjoy the peace and quiet, and do something nice for yourself!!! :D
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    Ugh, I feel ya! My son is only 6 and will be flying alone this June from Iowa to Arizona. I am a nervous wreck already!!! His dad paid to have an escort, but I worry more about his behavior on the plane!!!!! He's at his worst when boredom sets in.....

    Hope it all works out for your difficult child!!! I'm sure she'll be fine....and at 16, she values your trust in her (nervous as you are!) more than you know....