shhhhhh im hiding

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    G is here for a visit & of course its crazy downstairs . she was agrivating her sister & then got upset that i wont let her pierce her nose ( i told her when shes 16 we will go) & then she asked when we were having b day cake for D & i said well tomorrow she yelled because she might not come out tomorrow . D is having a few friends over next week to play some video games or watch a movie no younger siblings allowed shes not happy about that either.
    im getting sick of her attitude & of course this would be the day they suspend the only child psycoligist @ the hospital o she will be on the waiting list forever. I am going to see if theres any way we can see( through her councelor0 if there are any medications out there she can start i am not allowed to give her anything natural or restrict her diet .
    no wonder i have a migrans that will not end.

    well hubby made supper so i guess theres no more hiding :(
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    CC, now is the time to start the tag off system; husband & I had it fine tuned. He could tell when I needed a break & stepped in while I stepped out. I'd knew & did the same for husband.

    There are times when one must step out of the circle of chaos & regroup. I don't see it as hiding - it's a time of respite. Stop hiding & let your family know you're taking a break (I used to say time out). It's okay.
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    he called out to me & said if he couldnt hide away i couldnt either . so theres that idea gone .
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    I suffer from migraines....I used to have them daily. Occasionally I still do. I take medicine now so that I can maintain and it made a world of difference in helping me parent. (I was not Grrrrr) ;)

    As far as hiding? Nice try - TM is right - tag team is your best option. Any luck with that family counseling idea?