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    the board jinx may kick in.

    kt has been doing well. I think she's the most stable I've ever seen her - psychiatrist really hit on the right medication combo. That with the right therapist & kt's vested interest in becoming an adult is helping.

    I've been slowly giving kt more responsibility. Teaching her some adult skills (pumping gas, taking a list to the store with money, Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker, & having her pick things up for me, setting up her medication box). I'm gently pushing her to accept responsibility for choices she's making - seeing the cause & effect.

    kt has been getting herself up & ready for school, making a pot of coffee & last week she folded a load of laundry before the bus came (to help out, mom).

    There are some very typical teen stunts and she's not going over the top difficult child style with them.

    She's having more dissociative states however they are different - a bit more eerie but less physically aggressive. These episodes coincide with her therapist appts; she's working out her early childhood memories. Right now therapist is backing off a bit before kt becomes too overwhelmed. In the same right, therapist is teaching kt that this is a part of her & she has to somehow come to grips & learn to "stay connected".

    All in all, I'm very proud of ktbug & I'm learning to relax just a bit & enjoy her company rather than waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    Thought you could all use a positive update for a change.
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    Wow. That is huge. I am scare to post a response due to the dreaded curse, but good job KT. Here's hoping this continues.
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    Whispering this very very quietly...

    That's great! I'm reluctant to say anymore, lest I put the kybosh on it, but I'm so pleased to hear this.
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    That's fantastic!! I'm so glad to hear that she is still making efforts and it sounds like the therapist and psychiatrist are the right fits. I'm sure this must be a huge relief for you. typical teen stuff- well, we can only expect so much, right? LOL!!

    Thanks for posting such a postivie update- seeing things go well like this sure helps us hang on when there is an inevitable bump in the road. I hope things go this well when my difficult child comes home.

    I'm thinking that this change in how her issues are exhibited (not becoming aggressive) can go a long way in helping her because it helps identify what she's in direct control of and what she needs extra help with specifically, and of course it's always easier to hang in there with a person when they aren't becoming aggressive.
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    Good news, Linda--

    (You didn't hear that from me....)
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    Me either but that's great! Hugs!
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    whispering here too. crossing body parts it continues. Go KT!

    Now softly closing door and backing out of room so she doesnt notice us noticing her good works!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

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    Yeah! DDD
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    very cool! Shhhh - don't tell her we are so excited!
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    So nice to hear some (very quiet) good news.
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    Yippppppiiiiiiieeeee -- shhhhhhhhh -- so happy to hear .......
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    Yay! Way To Go, KT!
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    Wow-Fantastic news!-Shhhhhh but Way To Go kt!!
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    I'm not going to tell kt that her cyber aunties are pulling for her - it's a secret.

    I'm so proud of my baby (young woman) - I think I may be able to relax soon.

    Thanks ladies for all the support.
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    I didn't hear a thing you "said," but I'm smiling from ear to ear!