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    What a 24 hours! I stayed home yesterday and today due to major pains and sickness from 1 more darn egg dropping- is it just me or have others found real physical pain and illness during these times while going thru MP? Every time I think it must be over, I'm hit with it again!

    So in between trips to the bathroom, I was on a roll with submitting online job apps yesterday afternoon when I suddenly heard a bunch of noise outside. I opened the front door thinking the storm door hadn't latched closed and the door nearly knocked me down from the wind gusting at it. I latched both doors, came back in the house and it sounded like I was in a wind tunnel for about 20 mins. I looked out the window and "stuff" was flying all over the place. Then power went off. And it was off until sometime during the night. I left early evening to go buy a battery-operated light and saw trees down, debris everywhere, and standing water in some low areas.

    I only got communications back about 15-20 mins ago. It looks like they are calling this a storm. If this was just a storm, I hate to think what kind of damage a hurricane or tornado would do to this town!

    Well, now back to find that job search listing I was rolling thru yesterday!

    And I'm due to go to the eastern portion of the midwest next week- that should be exciting. Fun? Not.
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    Oh dear! Yes, it was a storm. ;) I was at a Starbucks with-husband and we looked out the window and could see it coming. There was a clear delineation between the heavy clouds and sky. The news headline said that no funnel cloud was sighted. Not that it puts the trees back in the ground or anything.
    Glad you're safe.
    Best of luck with-the job search ...
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    I remember when it got quiet afterwards- half the neighborhood opened up their front doors and we were all standing in our doorways like "WTH just happened"! LOL! I'm glad you're ok, too!
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    Sounds much like the microburst we had Monday. Mostly pieces of trees were flying around our house, though.

    In September 2000, there was a third tornado that hit Xenia, Ohio. I lived in Fairborn, Ohio at the time - which is about 10 miles from where the worst of the Xenia damage was.

    Our mailbox was bolted to the front of the house before the storm.

    After? It was GONE. Bolts and all. Our patio furniture was 5 houses down. And I was not even really that close to the tornado...

    Glad you're doing OK though. It's frightening.
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    I heard some wind last night around 11:30, but nothing major in my specific area. My new place seems to be in some sort of bizarre weather "pocket" though. The day we had tornadoes all around this area, with warnings interrupting even the cable broadcasts constantly, it wasn't even raining or windy at my house. Weird! Not that I'm complaining :-D

    Glad you didn't get blown away!
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    You're really lucky then, Crazy.

    Step, I saw your threat about the blast when I scanned thru threads I missed this morning. I apologize for not responding (to you and Susie both)- I haven't been responding as much as I'd like lately just due to trying to get some things accomplished but I'm glad you are ok, too.

    It's really hitting me lately that difficult child could possibly be released from Department of Juvenile Justice in 6 mos and I'd hoped to have a different job, a more sstable/dependable lifestyle (which has to revolve around job situation), and possibly even move to a different area again by then, even if he probably won't be coming to live with me. It's the jurisdiction I live in that makes the determination unless I refuse to sign the paper accepting custody back. I don't want to do that because that puts it back in the original jurisdiction's court with me "abandoning" him.

    Anyway, I now have about 15 resumes/applications submitted and some of them have multiple openings in various locations so by the time I chose the locations I'd consider, I probably really applied for 100 jobs. LOL! That's ok- when I did that 2 years ago, it was about 2 mos before I heard a single word about them- but that was the phone interview then subsequent job offer from HI so you never know. I reapplied for it, too, since the only issue standing ini the way then is already taken care of now.
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    Glad you are aok. Truthfully I still remember my first "Nor easter" when my Ex, two babies and I lived in Virginia. It came out of nowhere. I had the two under two out in the front yard when I saw clouds and felt the wind. Within ten minutes or less I had the babies in the house and the wind was as strong as any hurricane I had experienced in Florida growing up. It only lasted about ten or fifteen minutes but it was seriously scarey. The noise. The windows blowing open and shut. Yikes!

    Seriously I am not dumb, lol, but how they label storms is weird. Sometimes I think the insurance companies get to label WTH has happened in neighborhoods. Lately it seems like the weather news is sadder than the war news. DDD