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    I don't get paid until Monday but will need that money to pay the remainder of a pet deposit, bills due, and live and save to cover Dec's check that will only be for a few days' work since they reneged on their agreement to pay me without holding back 2 weeks. But, I needed clothes that weren't the typical "nice" clothes for work due to a certain project I've been assigned for this upcoming week.

    So I decided to try to find a thrift store or second-hand store to get 1- 2 more outfits for this week. (Remember I only came here with a toal of 3 carloads of stuff, have lost a lot of weight over the past 2 years so I left most clothes behind because they didn't even fit anymore.) Then I checked weather forcasts and found that I won't need warmer tops so I'm ok in that area this week. I found SIX thrift stores are within a few miles of where I live and three are charity-based. So I started on my journey and the first one was huge and the clothes looked brand new. It isn't easy finding clothes in my size because I'm short but I bought two casual type pants, two blue jeans, one belt, and one pair of shoes- for less than $40! I couldn't believe it! They have a lot of other things I can use, too, but will need to wait and go back over time. Kitchenware, and stuff like that- along with some smaller furniture.

    Anyway, then I went on to Wally-world because I was running out of time and wanted to pick up something for the grill this evening, which I just started. I bought myself a pair of those gel shoes since I'll be walking thousands upon thousands of feet this coming week, and socks. Another $40. Wow- I'm happy!
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    Nice finds klmno! Good for you. You deserve to treat yourself when you can!
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    Always nice to find some great bargains. :D
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    I'm a thrift store addict. But at least it's a good addiction, and cheap. lol

    When my kids were small I always hit the thrift stores and yard sales first before going to the store to buy their clothes.........I even found Travis a brand new pair of soccer cleats for next to nothing one year. You sometimes have to really look through the items to find the treasures, but it's always worth it. Loved getting the kids name brand jeans that cost 40-80.00 in the store for 2 bucks at salvation army and they looked like no one had ever worn them..........some even still had the store tags. :D
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    The only places I care to shop for clothes are the thrift store, the farm store, and Christopher and Banks! lol

    So glad you found needed a break just for yourself!
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    Christopher and Banks always has amazing sales. They move things from the front to the clearance racks fairly quickly. I shop them online and only shop the clearance section. :)
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    That is so cool! I am the garage sale queen and my wardrobe has pretty much come from them over the past few years. I'm really happy you got new clothes.
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    What is Christopher and Banks? I need to learn about this!

    I used to love Steve and Barry's because nothing was over 10 dollars but they went out of business. I got great stuff there. Winter coats, sweat shirts, jeans, shoes, everything. They even had a basketball star who had a line of shoes that were only sold at that store for 10 bucks a pair. Just as good as the high dollar Jordan's but he refused to allow his name to go on shoes that kids couldnt afford or would sell drugs to buy. He came from a very poor family and he remembered begging his mom to buy him expensive shoes and how she would cry because if she bought him those shoes they couldnt pay the rent. He wanted no part of that so he made sure that when he made it big, his shoes would be just as good but kids could afford his shoes. Good man.
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    I've never heard of either of those stores- I wonder if they have one around here. I do like those famous people who remember life ITRW though and really do want to help people, not just make money.