Should I request homebound services?

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    difficult child threw a chair and it hit a teacher today. He says that he was being teased by another kid and the kid was trying to hit him so he grabbed a chair. He didn't mean to hit the teacher (this is not the first time he's thrown a chair as a way of "defending" himself). So the school calls me and the principal is convinced that difficult child did this all for attention and that he is manipulating everyone. She said that he just wants attention and wants things his way and that's why he has been acting up lately. She has referred us to Families in Need of Services which means we have to stand in front of the judge and my son will have to sign a contract saying that he will not get in trouble for 30 days or so or there will be consequences (juvy?).

    I am so torn because I do want my son to use the tools he has been given in order to express himself the right way when he is angry but I also know he's got some major impulse issues. I showed him a video of boot camp last night and he started crying and swore to me that he was going to have a good day today. I dropped him off at school and he said his stomach hurt but he promised he was going to have an excellent day. Within 15 minutes I received a phone call to come and get him. This is at the alternate school for children with behavior problems. My son HATES this school because the kids like to pick on each other. The principal swears that my difficult child was the one doing the picking. I was not there so I don't know what happened. I wasn't able to speak with the teacher who was hurt because she had left for the day.

    He was doing so well since he came back from the hospital and the last few weeks, he has been begging me not to go to school. Every morning when I would drop him off, he'd say his stomach hurt. The principal thinks he's just trying to manipulate me. I don't know what to believe because I don't want to enable his behaviors but I do want to advocate for him if need be. So Monday I have to go to a meeting with the school officials so they can decide what to do with him. He was supposed to go back to his regular school next month but that's not going to happen.

    I have a second job interview next Wednesday and its an excellent job if I do get an offer. I can't accept though, if I am going to be bringing him to the court every few days and answering to God only knows who. We are down to the last of my savings so I HAVE to start working ASAP. I am considering finding a sitter and requesting homebound services for my difficult child because he is learning NOTHING. His behavior is interfering with his education. I can't afford to keep doing this. If I can hire someone to stay with him during the day while the homebound teacher comes over and until I get home, he'll at least be getting his education with much less distractions. I am not sure that the judge will allow this but I can't afford to miss work at a job that I am just starting (if I do get the job). This is affecting my health too. I think I have a stomach ulcer from all the worrying and I can't afford to see a doctor about it. My difficult child may miss out on socialization skills in school but at least he'll be getting his education. Thoughts? :anxious:

    I forgot to mention that his behavior at home is much better. I'm seeing an improvement in compliance. All of his problems are and always have been in school.
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    Seems like he would benefit from a 1:1 aide. Does he have an IEP and is there any way of seeing whether he can have this kind of service?