Shower? Check. Clean shirt? Check. Deodorant? Check.

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Oops! Strike that. difficult child 1 may have gotten "wet" in the shower, but apparently neither water nor soap reached his pits this morning! :sick: And despite TELLING me he'd applied deodorant, he must have just shown or waved the stick at his pits 'cuz I could still smell him across the diningroom table! :faint:

    Hmmmm... there's something happening here.
    What it is ain't exactly clear.
    There's a boy with smelly pits over there,
    telling me he's wearin' clean underwear.

    Think it's time we stop,
    momma what's that smell
    Everyone knows a teenager's hell
    to raise!
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    I finally cured Wiz of this by telling him that I would barf ON HIM if I smelled his pits after a "shower" or "bath" and they were stinky.

    My kids ALL know that my tummy gets upset by smells very easily and all it took was gagging a time or two and he was seriously afraid I would puke on him.

    He told his therapist about it, crying "cruel and unusual punishment so can you get me a new family?????" She declined, saying it was a much nicer punishment than she had in mind for me to do.

    He was also told if the smell resulted in a migraine he had to wash up and wait on me hand and foot (head and foot?) until I felt better. mostly this meant reheating my hot packs every 30-45 mins and making sure that dinner had no smell, meaning sandwiches, leftovers or take out. HE had to PAY for takeout if he didn't want what we had here.

    It took 1 or 2 times of follow through, though I never did end up puking on him. But the threat of it (which I would have followed through on!) and spending HIS $$$ on dinner (cause Wizards don't do no leftovers!) for the entire family were strong enough to make sure he washed pits and toesies.

    husband told him that if he smelled bad when he left for school then he would get a "surprise" that would come over the intercom - to the whole school. he would sing the banrey clean up or bathtime song - and it would be dedicated to Wiz. The school office staff thought it was awesome and said they would LOVE to have husband come and sing to the school! That was it, when combined with the barfing and money. he never again gave us grief for making him shower. He grumbled, but not to us.

    After he went to live with my mom she kept the promises, He only tested her once. She can be REALLY scary.
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    Maybe in the future, someone will come up with a shower that works like a carwash complete with soap, rinse, blow dry and deodorize.