Shuttle Launch

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    'A friend of mine, my daughter and I went to watch the shuttle launch on the 31st. What a truly awe-inspiring sight. We weren't close to it but watching the flame out on the ground, the rocket going up, the separation (what little you could see of that from the ground) was just amazing! Just thinking about the fact that this machine was built in America and is being used by countries all around the world (this time, they were taking Japanese and Russian parts to their respective stations) was humbling. Man truly can do great things when they want to.

    If you ever get a chance to see the shuttle launch or something else that can remind you what can be done by humankind when the drive and determination is there, go for it. It is a great feeling.
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    I've never seen a launch, although husband has when he lived in Florida.

    We've felt the re-entry a number of times, though, when it landed at Edwards AFB :) If it ever lands there again I think I'll drag everyone out there to watch!
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    We saw it once when we were vacationing in FL and went out to dinner with my in laws. We were eating at this seaside restaurant in Cocoa Beach, which is right near Canaveral. Just about everyone in the restaurant ran out to the dock to watch. It was very cool.