Sick dog! I took him to the vet. Now what?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by MidwestMom, Jun 4, 2010.

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    He was fine one day, the next day he whined if you touched his side or if he had to jump up to the car and had a fever of 103 (I found out that's a fever for a dog). He was lethargic and wouldn't eat. I rushed him to the vet who ran tick disease tests and it all came back normal, but he knows that dog is sick. He gave him a shot and cephelgem pills (something like that). The dog perked up all day today then I sent Nicole out to walk him and she came in all upset, saying he was whining and could barely get up a very short step. He started trembling (like he had when he first got sick) and I put a cover over the dog and called the Vet, but it's too late and the emergency vet is $89 just to walk in the door, not including the tests. Tomorrow the vet will be in again so I have to wait.

    I'm so worried. He didn't eat again and is just laying around. If you touch his head or sides, he whines. If he doesn't have a tick disease, what else could it be??? Any ideas? He is a seven year old cocker spaniel (see avator). I am actually in tears. I really love my pets. Do these symptoms ring a bell? On the plus side, he has no diarrhea and is alert. Thanks for any feedback.
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    There's a lot of things that it could be. Being in a lot of pain and not being able to get up steps could be some type of back or neck injury too. Just about anything that can happen to a human's back can happen to a dog's too. It can come from jumping down off of the furniture or something like that. Or they can get pulled muscles too, just like a person. Is he peeing and pooping normally? Any chance that he could have eaten something he shouldn't have, like a piece of a toy, that gave him an intestinal blockage?
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    How old and now big is he?
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    Gryphon had similar sx from a muscle tear in his lower neck. Do NOT give your dog medicine for this. For example: Ibuprofen can kill a dog. Dogs can take buffered aspirin, but talk to get info from a vet on correct dosage.

    Tylenol (acetimonophin) is also extremely toxic to dogs (and to humans, in my opinion and per study cites)
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    I was so upset I posted on the wrong forum. sorry!!!! He's 35 lbs.

    This should go on the Watercooler.
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    How is he doing? Have you found anything out. he's a cutie and I hope everything is okay?