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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by happymomof2, Jan 18, 2008.

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    I know I am not the only one but it seems lately no matter what or how hard I try my kids just want to complain especially easy child daughter. Case in point - took her to McD's for breakfast, something we rarely if ever do. She got something and we got to the table and she said she didn't really want it but she didn't think I would have let her have what she wanted because it cost more than what was left on her gift card. Well.... she didn't stinkin ask me.

    That is just one example. I just get so tired of trying to please these people or do something nice for them when I can't win no matter what I do.

    difficult child, daughter and husband all had negative inputs on dinner last night - aughhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I am about ready to go on strike - anybody with me????
  2. Yep,

    I hear you happymomof2......

    Moms always seem to be the fall guy, it's always our fault. You know why? Because we're the ones out there doing the heavy lifting and the grunt work!

    When things get like this at my house, I head for my bathtub, take a long, hot soak with the bath salts, candles, soft music, the whole nine yards. Everybody in the house knows they better let me be!

    I call it my island of serenity, and I highly recommend it or anything else like it that works for you.

    Here's hoping that you have a good trip to your island of serenity...
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    I think we can all relate to some degree or another.Just think what it would be like if the men had to do all the things we do!The human race would go extict for sure!
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    Just remember, you can't please everyone all of the time. My new mantra has been, "you made your choice, you can deal with the consequences" Then I go hide in the bathtub with the door locked and the Ipod turned up! :wink:
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    If you went to the trouble to make dinner, they can go to the trouble of eating it and keeping their mouths shut. If they're going to complain about it, let them make it themselves.