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    Anyone else out there live in a neighborhood with a bunch of kids who just want to fight and get into trouble?

    :rofl: Okay Okay I know most of us live in houses with kids who don't want to do anything but that.

    Seriously, if it's not one thing it's another. difficult child and girlfriend and another male friend were walking around the neighborhood a few days ago. The friend seen something in a driveway and picked it up. Some boys at a different house seen him and started walking after them. One kid was about 20, according to difficult child. Anyway difficult child stayed back away from the chaos and even his girlfriend said she was surprised he didn't get in the middle of it. The friend put the item back.

    Since then those boys have been walking around the block daily looking for friend of difficult child just to fight him I guess. Yesterday they all ended up in front of our house. difficult child was inside with girlfriend and different friend, I told difficult child not to go out the front door, told his friend same - they listened and stayed inside and the kids that were out front left.

    This kind of turmoil is happening at least once a week around here, and it is making me a bundle of nerves and exhausted.

    I really wish I could find something to keep difficult child busy 24/7. I may be able to keep him busy some of the time but not all the time.

    We live in a small "hick town". I know trouble, drugs and violence are everywhere but geez.

    Thanks for listening -
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    My son does the same thing in my neighborhood; he can't seem to control his mouth so much of the trouble he brings on himself. I have had to break up a few scuffles with some younger and older kids around here also. Another problem is the fact that a lot of these kids have dual working parents so when they are on break from school, their parents are at work and the kids have no supervision, plus, some parents just don't care what their kids are up to. We have a lot of thugs in my neighborhood and wannabe gangsters. I think I put the fear of God in most of these kids, especially the older ones; I got in a few of their faces and scared the **** out of them. So far, since then, they have not bothered my son even though he still sits on the porch and in the yard and runs his mouth...I think the other kids leave him alone because they think my son's Mom is crazy...little do they know what has made me that way! :redface:
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    OH.....yeah. Totally understand.

    We lived in a LARGE hick town. And difficult child took the "rap" for more than his share of broken windows, broken doors, fights, dead bats =(yes bat), and general havoc.

    The first and last time another Mother came to my house to brow beat me for something he own son had done - I handed her my phone and begged her to call the police - when she refused I told her to get out of my yard, off my porch or I'd call the cops myself for her trespassing. She didn't go immediately - but I managed to tell her that she was not welcome at my house and I'd had it with the Stepford wives. They were all stay at home mom - I was a single mom and had to work.

    The police showed up after she left - she called them from her home. And she followed them back to my house. Cop got out of his car -walked up to my porch...and here she came. I explained to the cop that she wasn't welcome at my home, and that she had been warned not to trespass - and now I wanted her arrested. The police officer told her to leave my yard.

    She was yelling like a banshee - I was calm and cool. I showed the cop the papers where my son was in the hospital and could NOT have broken her door, but suspected her own "precious" son had. Then I told him all the Moms in the neighborhood have had me running, and fixing, and paying for stuff i was sure my kid hadn't broken. He said he was sorry and if they bothered me again to call him.

    Then asked if I could have her arrested for verbal assault. The officer said based on what he heard, yes I could. So he walked out across the yard to her (standing there with a smirk on her face) and when he told her to turn around she freaked out. Then he looked back at me asking was I sure I wanted to press charges...and i said "Not if she stays away from me for good." and that was the end of it. He told her to get in the car - the rest of the "meerkats" were peeking out from behind curtains, doors, pretending to get something out of their cars....and the officer said "If YOU have any more problems with your neighbors just call me."

    That was pretty much the end of it -

    I moved about 4 months later -OUT =so if I wanted to hang my laundry in the buff I could. That was 8 years ago and while I can't/won't hang clothes in the nude - it's grown up to the point where I can see a neighbor. Next time I'm getting a house so far out - you'll need mapquest advanced to find us.
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    OMG, Star I am cracking up! You go girl!

    I definitely can relate right now. We just moved to a new area of the state....where we did live had it's troubles but all of us mom's got to know each other real well and everything was fine.

    Where we live now is a nightmare! Most of the peeps work, except for a neighbor right across the way who has 6 Boys! Varying ages, but 2 are difficult child's around the same ages as mine and completely unsupervised which really gets my goose! We weren't here 2 weeks and my difficult child 1 got into a fistfight with one of hers.....worked it out, but since then all the kids come to me to tell me what is coming out of this child's mouth regularly...It's not pretty, and is not your typical 8 year old nastiness, more the likes of a 20 year old. I've had to tell my kids to stay away from this sad.

    I"m with Star....I just told my friend the other day that I wanted to move to Alaska, or Maine or somewhere far away, where my family won't want to visit, I can't see my neighbors and it snows regularly! MY dearest girlfriend from high school moved to the boonies in Montana years ago, we all thought she was nuts of course at the time....Now I see how very right she was in her choice! She's got goats, chickens, no neighbors and happy kids. Oh, that 20/20 hindsight of ours really stinks sometimes, lol!