Sick to my stomach...H & mother in law

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    Apparently, H made an appointment to go see an apt for his mother in town...

    Hello??? Her next move SHOULD be to an assisted living facility....I think he just doesn't have the cohones to tell her so he's making this a slow transition. If God forbid, she falls and breaks a hip, we can forget about assisted living and she will end up in a nursing home instead. Or if she's not that bad, MY HOUSE.

    I am calling his sister...she seems to be the only one who realizes that mother in law should NOT be living in her own place. I see the writing on the wall and maybe that's projecting too far into the future, but having been down this path with my own mom, I know that it's not long that she will be able to be alone in her own place and inevitably will need more care than we can give her. Is it a man thing?? A son thing?? Guilt??

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    Falalalalalala! You have to drop it once you write it out. Detach. Detach.
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    I'm sure you know that there is Independent Care in the same complexes as Assisted Living. For as long as she can take care of herself it would be like having full independence. Should something happen the transitional steps are close at hand and in an environment she is already familiar with...less trauma. Fingers crossed. by the way, a neighbor told me last week that her sister paid three grand a month for Independent Care and now she is paying $3500 for Assisted Living...she gets checked once an hour.

    It's pricey but really a positive step althought the initial adjustment can be difficult. Good luck. DDD
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    I called his sister, filled her in and now I've let it go. Thank you. It's just too danged much!