::sigh:: another bad day.

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    i am so at a loss with this kid. every day its something. today another meltdown in gym that apparently carried over to other classes (she'll not particularly athletic, and never will be, but get over it already). she was screaming and carrying on in the hallway disrupting other classes and proceeded to be negative and nasty from there. she struggled to do the writing assignment, and by good old math she didnt remotely apply herself and basically just guessed at answers. lots of drawing today and that seems to be ramping up again--that was a big red flag before. the reading teacher just called and she's genuinely concerned how its gotten worse since the holidays....and she's a normal, nice person--i very much appreciated the call.

    when i cornered the therapist the other day, she said its allllll anxiety related. (ok, then great--anxiety over what exactly and what more can we do about it) i could tell she was very carefully choosing her words to not point towards a "label", which, while i do understand thats not her role, might have helped.

    now, the only two things that were slightly out of the ordinary were that today was the honor roll awards assembly and mine didnt make the cut when she's used to getting it every quarter (which might be what happens when you dont apply yourself and refuse to work!) and i'm having my gallbladder removed (which might have stressed her out, who knows).

    shes forever tired. she's says she cant pay attention. every answer is "i dont know". i'm tired of trying to tease out symptoms and figure out whats what--i feel like i need someone to step up and say its X, do Y...but apparently thats just wishful thinking.

    i have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow and i need to convince them this isnt working. but i doubt i'll be able to...i'm doubtful she'll see anyone useful and that we will do more than get an rx refill. i dont know what she needs, but certainly something else/different/better.

    any thoughts or suggestions welcome.