Sigh...Can I just get a little break???

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by flutterbee, Nov 2, 2008.

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    As some of you may know, Wynter attends an online charter school that is home based. Today is the official end of the quarter. Actually, 11:59 pm tonight. For some stupid reason, they decided to bring the site down for maintenance last night/this morning. The message said it would be down from midnight til 9am.

    It's still not up.

    I know that Wynter is not the only playing catch up. When the remnants of Ike came through, many families were without power for a week or more. The site was down for 3 days a couple of weeks ago. The kids aren't given extra time to make up the work. It still has to be done by the end of the quarter. You know, when traditional school is out for inclement weather, they don't have to go and attend for double the hours for however many days they were out.

    What on earth were they thinking bringing the site down at the end of the quarter? On top of that, teachers haven't been able to access the turned in assignments and haven't been able to post the assignments for the start of the new quarter on Monday. They better allow extra time. That is what they have done in the past when there were technical issues or widespread power outages. I don't what is going on with them this year.

    ARGH!!!!! :919Mad:
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    There doesn't seem to be any logical reason for this other than if there was some sort of failure or security issue that has to be dealt with right this minute. Do they have seperate discussion board or anything?
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    How frustrating. I do hope they see reason and give extra time. As for the bad weather stuff, last year after our second snow day, we did have to add 7 minutes to the end of each school day until the end of the year-which was pointless as well!.
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    Sharon, that's absurd! I'm sure it had to do with number of classroom hours and not wanting to extend the school year, but 7 minutes? That's nit-picking!
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    I know they don't have a separate discussion board, but I believe they have a parent feedback type of thing. Of course, we can't get to it now because the site is down.

    Interesting thing is, the teachers didn't know they were taking it down for maintenance or that it was still down. They found out when students started calling them today.
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    That really is nit-picking, Sharon. They've never done anything like that around here. We get 5 inclement weather days and anything over that gets tacked on to the end of the year.