Sigh..sometimes even parents can surprise you

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    My mom called the other day talking about the sorting she is doing. Her and my step dad are selling their home and going to be travelling in a 5th wheel for their retirement. She just retired at the end of June and my step dad retires in October. They have their house on the market and are cleaning out and doing garage sells to get rid of the excess stuff. So the day she called I hopped in the car and drove down to help for a day. I came home with a van full of stuff (since she was in a giving mood I took all sorts of memorable things from family and what have you). In another week we will be down in her town for my grandmothers 80th birthday and we are to bring the van again to haul back some furniture (a couple of another grandma's chairs and the rocking chair that my dad, her and myself used to rock easy child when she was an infant).

    A couple of boxes she had already for me. The papers I have been going through are amazing. A lot from my grandma (her mom). All of my grandfathers military paperwork from WWII and so much more. Taxe papers from 1952. It is so intriguing to look at.

    Then in another box I came accross some pictures I had never seen. The ones from when my two brothers, my mom and I went to Colorado to spread my dad's ashes on a mountain. I cried a great deal going through those. husband sat patiently as I described them. So much has changed in the last 12 years since then and a lot of the tears were from that as well as the event itself.

    Then I found my dad's yo-yo. He wouldn't let me touch it when I was young (it was his and I had my own). One of the few things he didn't share. I stood up and let it yo a couple of times. husband just shook his head. (He is so good natured when I start going through this stuff and listens to all my stories bless his heart. Then he even makes me take breaks if he sees that I am in emotional overload.)

    One thing I also got was an old familiy bible. I got chills when it occurred to me that it had belonged to my great grandmother over a hundred years ago.

    But something in addition to the stuff mom was talkative. When I say that I mean that she was sharing a bit of info here and a bit there. All things I need to write down in the next few days so I don't forget. We got along the whole time. No one got cranky (I was there less than 24 hours) with each other.

    It's not really hard seeing her give up this house as it is the one that she moved into when she got married after dad died and I was already on my own. But it is interesting to see the changes. I don't normally like change (who does I know). But this one seems to be having a good effect on her so I am embracing it.

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    Ah, Beth...what a wonderful surprise. I love the yo-yo story. It's amazing how something so small can mean so much.

    My dad's weird thing was his nail clipper that sat in perfect place next to his easy chair, which NO ONE but him was allowed to sit in. There was more than one whipping when the clippers were not in their spot!! He's 76 and still has them.

    Bless your husband's heart for listening.

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    Congratulations! Your Mom has just willingly begun the process of passing the torch. You're lucky because many of our parents fight it as long as they can. But your Mom must trust you a great deal and know you can handle being "keeper" of the family heirlooms. It probably makes her feel better about embarking on her retirement adventure knowing that she has taken the time to fill you in on stuff. It's wise as well, because your Mom is in good health with presumably many more years to discuss and fill in the gaps. :)
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    What wonderful things to share with your child - even the memories she shared verbally.

    You may want to take a tape recorder or digital voice recorder on future trips to see her.

    We have some totally amazing tapes of my Grandfather talking to us. When his hands got bad he bought a tape recorder and sent us one so he could make tapes to send to us. Phone calls were really expensive them.

    We also taped my great grandmother on the other side telling the old family stories, including one of an Indian raid. NOT super uplifting, but amazing that our ancestors survived these things.

    Recording these things will help you get them onto paper, AND you will always have your mom's voice there. You can get something that lets you put cassette tapes onto the computer, thus onto CDs.