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    difficult child is currently in the midst of his third attempt at graduating high school. He only has 6 classes to pass this semester and then he is DONE! The school is bending over backwards for him and still...he's in la la land. We had a meeting last week, only a week after they rearranged his schedule to help him. (He only goes the first three periods, volunteers for a few hours and then goes back to school for night school) The latest meeting was to tell difficult child that he needs to hold up his end of things. As his homework, treat his teachers with respect, quit mouthing off/lying...basically act like a reasonably responsible person. Or else. This is IT....his last chance.

    I spoke with his TOR today....he's STILL not doing it. The dean of students and head of special services have left it up to the teacher to file for expulsion. IEP or not, it's going to happen. They have done everything for him but the work itself. His teacher is going to give him a couple of more days but I have no doubt it will happen. He's not doing his homework, he's lying about why, he's getting mouthy with her when she questions him on ANYTHING or is getting an attitude when he's expected to do what he's supposed to.

    Once he's out of school, he loses his Medicaid which in turn means he loses his medications. They cost over $1000 a month without insurance and there is no way we can afford them. We've told him over and over and over what will happen...he either doesn't believe us or doesn't care. I'm thinking he's going to be in for one heck of a surprise when this all happens because we've also told him he won't be living here. I won't have him here when he's off his medications and I won't have him here if I don't have to when he has no respect for us and our home.

    I don't know what he thinks is or isn't going to happen but this is going to be a lovely holiday season.

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    I will send up some prayers that he surprises us all and pulls through. These kids just don't get it. I totally agree with your resolve to not allow him to live there unmedicated and full of disrespect.

    Despite all the drama, try to hold onto a positive thought and keep hope in your heart.

    I'm thinking "Christmas Miracle" :)


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    Like I said on my thread, Happy freaking Thanksgiving.


    He's so headstrong in his own self defeat.
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    Ugh. How frustrating. I wish there was a magic potion or something to make them see the light.
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    Is there any way to give him a few days off school with a little "shock therapy" of what it will be like if he doesn't get it in gear? Before he gets kicked out for real?

    I'm so sorry. Its so hard!
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    No not really. He's already "moved out" once before and lived with some wierd friend and his parents. He knows. I don't know if he doesn't care of if he truly thinks we won't do that to him or what. He's special, don't you know. He's a FOSTER kid and had different rules. Normal rules don't APPLY to him. And when he's on his own he's going to have a great place, cool car, all the junk food he wants and a hot girlfriend. He has no job and no money. Granted, this was all said BEFORE any of this current stuff happened but that's the kind of thing that goes on in his head.
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    I think all kids, to some extent, think that when the grow up are going to have it all so easy and us parents are just idiots who tell them all these dire warnings because we are stupid. They are so smart and everything is going to fall into their hands with a blink of their eyes.

    Then they move out and rent comes due, lights have to be paid or they get turned off, you actually have to wash clothes, cars cost money, OMG...there is such a thing as insurance? HUH? LOL. Most kids falter through this stuff in a normal progression. They mess up a time or two. Lights get cut off sometimes. They may be late in the rent and get a nasty note. But they learn and it becomes less and less.

    Ive been utterly amazed that once Cory figured out that bills actually came each month that he figured out that he had to pay them first and live on what was left. He is a very thrifty shopper. He buys good food and not a ton of junk food so he has actual meals. He hasnt had his power turned off once.
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    Does he want a roomie??
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    Ohhhhh, I am so sorry.
    Fingers crossed that a miracle happens.
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    I am the first person in my family to graduate from High School, who knows why? Well there are lots of reasons! LOL
    mostly G'sFG reasons...
    I only graduated because I didn't want to be like the rest of my "stupid" family.
    I don't know what the thought process is for our kids, relatives or why some just can't.

    Sorry and I hope for the Christmas Miracle as well.
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    I am sorry.