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    I saw you mention your surgery in another thread. How did it go? I wish I had remembered when it was, I feel terrible for not asking about you.
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    Hi! I am cranky. (see my recent post) Surgery was 11/1 and I had my splint removed on 11/09(Friday). I felt pretty well the day after the surgery and then was caught off guard when I had a meltdown on days 2 and 3 - I was feeling miserable and a little overwrought. I guess that's not uncommon with general anesthesia and surgery but I am glad it didn't last more than 3 days!

    The surgery went well from the standpoint that the surgeon was incredulous at the amount of damage lurking under my skin - took 3 hours instead of 1.5, but I CAN BREATHE thru both nostrils now!! He did have to break my nose (again) in 3 places, so it's pretty sore and bruised still. But I am feeling almost like myself!

    But I overdid it this weekend. H and I went out for drinks and appetizers after the splint removal - I was so giddy with relief afterwards, I didn't want to go home. And then we saw a movie - thinking a dark theater would be especially appropriate with my still bruised face. We saw Hope Springs which was ok - but part of the theme is that a "marriage is like a broken nose that has to be re-broken to fix it" which of course we found inappropriately hysterical, and I got a fit of the giggles!

    Saturday was our 22 wedding anniversary - and I had booked a hair appointment (my first in 6 months) and H planned a lovely evening out - and it was wonderful. But on Sunday - I was exhausted and I still am! Today was my first day as available at work - and it's been relatively quiet which has been a relief. I will be in bed in a hour!

    Thanks for asking! How are you feeling? Has your foot healed? I read your post about the bill and am crossing my fingers. Right now, the insurance co is showing 29,508 (crazy) on my claim but I shouldn't owe too much - I have a secondary insurance company (Yay H!) and I met my deductible with the initial injury.
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    Wow Sig I can only imagine how you felt with the splint on, and I assume you were packed? I too hit the wall two days after surgery and honestly cried and wondered whether I should have done it. I didn't think I would ever walk again. I guess he didn't do a good job preparing me for how I would feel.

    That's great that you can finally breath through both nostrils and had a chance to get out and celebrate. Happy Anniversary! It's amazing how much energy surgery takes out of you. The one thing I did find is that recovery is not a straight line. One day I would feel good and then next day i would feel crummy and some days I didn't think I would ever feel like myself again. I have a new normal now. I can walk with the constant pain I had and that is very good. I have a hard time walking barefoot and need shoes with a good insert for support. I'm adjusting, even got into low dress shoes last Saturday. The other foot needs to be done but I'm putting it off for now.

    I hope you feel better every day and your strnegth comes back full time.